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Extraordinary Reviews Breaks Virtual Ground


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2018 -- Extraordinary Reviews, an online product reviews information center, has broken virtual ground.

Unlike many product review themed websites, Extraordinary Reviews' business plan includes detailed research into anything and everything. The current version of the newly launched site features two main product categories: health & fitness and software.

Future planned areas of focus currently include but are not limited to sports & recreation, technology, home & garden, and clothing. Each main category will house a handful of subcategories as well.

Consumers will see two basic templates for all of the products and services reviewed on the site. They are branded reviews that focus on a singular product or service and "best of" reviews that compare multiple products and services to one another.

Extraordinary Reviews ensures that both the positives and potential drawbacks of everything reviewed will be fairly and clearly explained.

Extraordinary Reviews ( was founded in 2018 as one stop online resource aimed at educating consumers on a wide variety of products and services before they buy in order to make sure they know exactly what they are spending their money on. Extraordinary Reviews prides itself on hosting "The Most Extraordinary Product & Service Reviews on the Web".

James Baker
Wilmington, DE