Rex Winston

Extraterrestrial Life About to Be Revealed, According to Royal Psychic

"This will be the biggest news in all of human history."


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/15/2021 -- For the first time in history, indisputable proof of extraterrestrial life is about to be made public, according to royal family psychic advisor, Rex Winston (

"The revelations are coming in a series of disclosures from secret documents, and from extraterrestrials themselves, beginning in 2021. Additional, astonishing things will slowly be revealed over the next four years," said Mr. Winston from his New York City office.

"Until now, secret knowledge about extraterrestrials and their involvement with Earth has been closely held by a small number of highly-privileged humans. Not even political leaders have been allowed to know about this."

Mr. Winston, whose VIP and celebrity clients pay $700 for telephone consultations and $15,000 for one-on-one weekend retreats, explained the reason for the timing of this incredible news. "It has taken a long time to prepare humans for this. There will be some who still have a hard time grasping it, but the extraterrestrials are convinced that most humans are now ready."

Mr. Winston also explained that he, and several others have been officially contacted and asked to assist with the gentle dissemination of what is about to occur.

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