2nd Annual $100,000 Coupon Challenge a Success! $101,375 Donated Nationwide

The Coupon Challenge Donates More Than $100,000 To help those in need across the nation.Popular Program Continues To Succeed With It's Coupon Friendly Mission


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/24/2013 -- Today, Tina 'Super Coupon Woman' Klein has announced the 2nd Annual 100k Coupon Challenge has successfully donated over 40,000 items, that totaled in retail value at more than $100,000, to the charities across the U.S.

During this challenge, I had asked members of the community to submit their unused coupons, as a way to increase donations by matching coupons with the weekly sales to get items at a discount. This second time around, we were able to donate just over 40,000 items to various food banks. , said Tina M. Klein, proprietor of the program and also known as, 'Super Coupon Woman'.

In the Coupon Challenge program, participating members are challenged to donate $1,000 in retail value of items such as food, health and beauty items to the charity of their choice, that will immediately benefit their community.

For the up and coming 3rd annual Back to School Coupon Challenge, we would like to inspire more coupon friendly shoppers to join the challenge. I can only imagine what we can do with more people participating and I look forward to calculating even higher totals from the next challenge! , concluded Klein.

The Back to School Coupon Challenge is currently underway from now until August 24, 2013.

About The Coupon Challenge
The Coupon Challenge, which runs three times per year, originally began in the spring of 2011 as a unique way to help local food pantries across the country garner the necessary supplies and food items by local residents with the help of coupons.

Through the cooperative efforts of various communities, last year the program had raised a total of more than $58,000 through 30 participants who accepted the opportunity to take part in the challenge, in it's first year.