Extreme Illumination

Extreme Illumination Introduced by Bob Finkle

Extreme Illumination TRANSFORMS a motorcycle, car, truck or other vehicle into a "visual" LED experience.


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2012 -- “Extreme Illumination” is a new and innovative concept by Bob Finkle. Using fabrication, LED lighting, airbrushing techniques and circuit board technology, “Extreme Illumination” brings any vehicle to “life” through animation.

Various movements and sounds can appear on virtually any vehicle! The “Haunted Harley” was introduced as the first “Extreme Illumination” vehicle. Ghosts appear and disappear on top of the gas tank, “flames” appear real on the seat, a gravedigger’s torch is “lit” on the saddlebag, ghostly sounds come from the bike (although the bike does not have a stereo system), and more!

The latest concept is a casino theme. “Extreme Illumination” has created the first animated dice game on a vehicle’s trunk lid! A player is seen “throwing” the dice on the table and the dice change after very roll! Using a random generator this “Extreme Illumination” concept creates the actual thrill of rolling the dice!

Extreme Illumination” is a unique concept and is a great marketing product. “Extreme Illumination” vehicles draw great attention and word-of-mouth advertising. The benefits of this innovative product are endless.

“Your only limitation is your imagination”, said Bob Finkle. “We can create just about any animation/action scene you desire. Our casino theme will include a roulette wheel that actually works. This theme would be great for casino event vehicles and give-away promotions. We can help any company or individual build a unique brand with a concept no one else can create. My goal is to team up with major companies or individuals that have the vision to introduce an exciting, innovative product.”

For more information contact Bob Finkle.

Extreme Illumination” is the greatest LED concept ever developed.

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