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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Reveal Exclusive hCG Diet Drops, Tablets and Solutions That Burn Fat for Extreme Weight Loss Results

Diet Doc’s extreme weight loss programs utilize exclusive hCG diet drops, along with specially formulated hCG tablets and solutions, to rapidly burn fat, control cravings and help dieters achieve the results they desire.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/12/2013 -- Dieters around the country who are trying to burn fat and achieve extreme weight loss results only need to contact a Diet Doc weight management professional to obtain a prescription for powerful hCG diet drops, tablets or injections. These proven, fat burning supplements have helped dieters all over the country target stored body fat in hard to reach areas of their body and allow them to quickly see fat melting away, offering the extreme weight loss results they desire. Combining hCG diet drops, tablets or injections with a healthy, low calorie meal plan directs the body toward stored fat for energy and encourages the body to burn fat for fuel while decreasing cravings and allowing patients to see a slimmer, sexier figure shine through.

Human chorionic gonadotropin, most commonly referred to as hCG was initially recognized for its extreme weight loss benefits in the early 1950s. Naturally produced by women during pregnancy, hCG targets the mother’s stored body fat, mobilizes that fat and directs it toward the fetus for nutrition when the mother does not have immediate access to food. When used as an extreme weight loss tool in hCG diet drops, tablets and injections, hCG continues to target and burn fat, but instead of directing that fat to a fetus, the hCG effectively flushes it from the patient’s body.

However, many of Diet Doc’s competitors have refused to spend the time or money necessary to modernize their treatments and continue to offer hCG diet drops, tablets and injections that or only effective when combined with a dangerously low, 500-calorie per day, meal and snack plan. Diet Doc offers the most advanced hCG diet drops, tablets and injections available because they have utilized the most advanced science and medical understanding when developing their treatments. Diet Doc patients are now able to burn fat and see extreme weight loss results while consuming a caloric intake of almost double that of other hCG diet programs.

Another Diet Doc innovation is their service in place to assist patients in creating a healthy meal plan that will provide the energy and nutrients they need while still being able to burn fat, each Diet Doc client will have unlimited access to certified nutritionists, six days per week. These nutritionists are specially trained in the most effective foods for extreme weight loss that burn fat when combined with hCG diet drops, tablets and injections. They will create personalized meal and snack plans for each individual client based on their age, gender, health history, lifestyle and food preferences. And, Diet Doc patients will also receive a copy of Diet Doc’s exclusive cookbook containing over fifty pages of recipes that used food to burn fat.

Diet Doc offers one month of prescription medication, one month of weight loss shakes, one month of weight loss cooking/salad dressing MCT oil, clinically proven to help dieters begin burning fat within 30 minutes of consuming, along with the Diet Doc workbook outlining the modern-day version of the Diet Doc hCG diet, a nutritious cookbook, plus unlimited nurse, doctor and weight loss consultant support 6 days per week, all priced lower than the leading non-doctor supervised weight loss plan.

Encouraging patients to find recipes and foods that they enjoy, but that will not cause weight gain, is effective in helping patients sustain their extreme weight loss over time. This tailored approach to losing weight has already helped thousands of patients across the United States improve their weight-related health and begin leading healthier, more active lives.

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