Joe Bragg Releases iBand II with Portable USB Stick and Cognitive-Enhancing Mylar Holograms


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- Keeping the brain healthy is important. But with all the distractions of the modern world, it’s easy to feel unfocused, confused, and lost when attempting any physical or mental activity.

These are problems that a website called has gained a reputation for solving. Extreme Energy Bands manufactures power balance bracelet that harmonize with the body’s electromagnetic field in order to unlock extraordinary health benefits.

According to, wearers of the iBand II experience many powerful health benefits, including better decision-making abilities and enhanced concentration. In addition to these cognitive benefits, wearers reportedly experience better balance as well as increased strength and flexibility.

A spokesperson for explained how the energy bands work:

“The iBand II’s secret lies in its special Mylar holograms. These holograms are designed to harmonize with the electromagnetic field surrounding the body. This is what leads to the powerful cognitive and physical benefits.”

Although the Mylar holograms are the most important part of the iBand II, there is also another handy feature included on the back of each iBand II: a USB stick. The USB stick is 8GB in size and can be used to hold pictures, songs, videos, or any other important files that wearers need to carry around.

The spokesperson explains that the iBand II would be ideal for office workers and college students, both of whom need to carry around important files on a daily basis:

“With the iBand II, our USB stick became bigger and better than ever before. With 8GB of storage space, wearers of the iBand II will be able to carry around just about any file they could need – from essays to their favorite songs. The USB stick fits snugly against the wrist and is designed to be as portable and as comfortable as possible.”

Although the benefits listed above are undoubtedly attractive, perhaps the best benefit of the iBand II is its current sale price. Regularly priced at $19.99 for one iBand II, customers can now take advantage of a 2-for-1 deal. The current sale also includes free shipping throughout the continental United States.

Prospective iBand wearers will be happy to note that offers a comprehensive warranty on their merchandise. The company promises that if the iBand II ever breaks, customers can simply send it back to the company for a free replacement. In fact, will even cover the cost of postage.

About creates bracelets that offer powerful cognitive and physical benefits. The company recently released the iBand II, which harmonizes with the body’s electromagnetic field and features a handy USB stick on the back. For more information, please visit: