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Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review Uncovers John Rowley's Real Truth

Extremely Simple Fat Loss is a latest program by fitness guru John Rowley that has created a buzz in the fat loss world. Read customers reviews and find out why they are loving it.


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2014 -- Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review - Diet and exercise is the only way to lose weight, right? WRONG. Dieting is restricting oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight. It might help in weight loss but the results are never long-lasting. The tricks of losing weight are compiled by John Rowley who has spent 30 years of his life inspiring millions of people to get lean and fit. This is one reason why he is most commonly known as “America’s Lifestyle Strategist.” John Rowley is a number one best-selling author, fitness and weight loss coach.

Dieting is not the only solution and if it is then why only 5% of people who are dieting actually lose weight? Around 108 million people in the United States alone are on a diet yet 2 out of 3 adults are overweight. Why is that? And if dieting is not the solution then what is the solution. The secret is now unveiled by John Rowley in his system that he calls “Extremely Simple Fat Loss.” This is a course written by author John Rowley helping people all over the world lose weight in an extremely simple and easy-to-follow path.


The system consists of three strategies that are further elaborated in the course. The first strategy to lose weight is to avoid hunger. Starving your body off is not an option or solution to lose weight. Depriving your body from carbohydrates, fats or proteins only makes matters worse. The results are tiredness, irritation and headache. In-short, the body turns miserable. The frustration that comes from these things is so dominant that a person goes back to eating normal meals. The result is the gained weight that was lost and sometimes even more. All a person needs to do is plan the meal.

The second strategy is to NOT cut food in groups such as consuming everything but fats or carbohydrates. The human body actually needs a balanced diet to survive and perform fully. Every component of a diet is useful for some part of the human body. The DNA is made from sugar which is taken up from carbohydrates. Fats provide the energy to a body so that more useful components such as proteins can be used for repairing and building tissues. The solution is to eat everything but in the right way and at the right time.

The third and final strategy is to stop trying to “trick” your body. We can’t trick our bodies because a body can’t think or judge and it doesn’t care. The solution is quite simple that is to follow simple techniques that are proven to work with 99% assurance that they will work. These techniques are compiled in Extremely Simple Fat Loss and all a person needs to do is to follow it for a minimum of 21 days. That’s right, less than a month. This course is precisely for those people who think having a smartly planned diet is better than starving your body off.

This guide makes people learn how to develop powerful new habits and beliefs about weight loss that will drive them towards their goal weight. Anyone who wants to lose weight should follow these guidelines to set and keep their fitness goals.