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Eye-Opening New Book Provides Compelling Analysis of Obama & Romney's Pre-Election Books


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- While most U.S. General Elections mark the end of the media’s political obsessions, the troubles currently facing Congress have afforded little respite to politicians. Having also fought the fiercest campaigns for a generation, Romney and Obama have bigger stories to tell than most that have previously stood for public office.

In a powerful new non-fiction series by Ed Howell, multiple facets of the 2012 Presidential Election are being analyzed and de-constructed like never before. Spawning a myriad of fascinating stories and little-known realities, the series is expected to resonate with readers around the world.

The ‘Analysis of the 2012 Presidential Election’ first volume places its focus on the pre-election books written by both candidates and released to critical acclaim.


Analysis of the two pre-election books of Obama and Romney, ‘The Audacity Of Hope’ (2006) and ‘The Real Romney’ (2012). The book takes readers chapter by chapter through each book and its correlation with what each candidate said during campaigns, the conventions, debates and final outcome of the election.

Readers will discover analysis of why a photogenic, articulate well-funded Romney should lose to President Obama at a time when the economy was still moribund after four years of Democratic control. The reason the Republicans lost was due to the demise of Free Market and small government theories. They were left with no viable economic plan to run on to invigorate the economy and create jobs. The past policies they were trying to run on had been proven failures and they did not appeal to the changing demographics of a country where a majority white vote, alone, was not enough to insure a Republican victory

As the author explains, his deep analysis proved that the GOP requires serious reform for their next nominee to stand his/her ground in 2016.

“The Republicans are in a quagmire they can't pull themselves out of unless they can create a viable and attractive economic theory and a plan of implementation that resonates with the American people that will create well-paying jobs along with economic security,” says Howell, author of the popular website EdsOpinion.com.

Continuing, “Low taxes on the wealthy, trickledown theories that allegedly create jobs and austerity programs that lower taxes on the wealthy by reducing social benefits to average Americans who paid into the system will not do it.”

Critics praise Howell for the efforts he is taking to dissect least year’s often complicated election and provide frankly-honest and accurate conclusions to the United States public.

With the book’s popularity steadily increasing, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘Analysis of the 2012 Presidential Election’ is available now: http://amzn.to/Ywomyf

To read more of the author’s work, visit his official website: http://edsopinion.com

Howell can also be followed on Twitter: Edsopinion.blog@Gmail.com

About Ed Howell
A transplanted New England lawyer, living in California with his wife and two grown sons; frustrated by the political spectacle and the demise of rationalism and pragmatism in politics