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Eye Serum Reviews Do Not Always Reveal the Whole Story

Consumers should use caution when relying on eye serum reviews. Skin types and conditions vary from person to person so it's better to search for solid guarantee policies and companies that focus on good customer service to avoid disappointment.


Oakland, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Most women have done this at some point - or will in the near future. It begins when they notice a new wrinkle or a bit of puffiness under their eyes and decide to go eye cream shopping. Their first stop is likely to be one of the many online websites and blogs that provide eye serum reviews along with relevant information about popular product offerings.

Why Reading Skin Care Reviews Might Be A Mistake

There's no doubt that people enjoy hearing what others think. Opinions about brands, solutions and products are often sought before making important purchases. While feedback from friends and associates can be helpful, taking advice from strangers on the World Wide Web is another story.

One reason reviews on the Internet can be troublesome is because the motivation behind the person or company writing them is not often clear to the reader. Many are legitimate customers who have used the product and simply report their results. That is exactly what is expected.

However, some reviews are the work of a marketer wanting to sell one product over another. Others are the work of competitors trying to sabotage a brand that's cutting into their market share. The big problem is, the average consumer will not know the difference.

Even with honest reviews there is a serious problem with relying on them. Everyone's skin is different. There is often no correlation between how a product works for one person compared to another. A good example is the eye cream reviews on Amazon – they are a mixed bag with some customers loving certain products and others hating them with a passion.

Rely On Your Own Experience And Look For Solid Guarantees

A much better approach to relying on product reviews is to decide based on experience. That might mean taking a chance and buying a product without any real opinions or feedback about it. As long as there is a guarantee in place, there is little to no risk with this approach.

Do skin care companies really offer money-back or satisfaction guarantees? Many of them don't, but the reputable brands who focus on customer satisfaction do.

According to THAT Skin Care™, "We offer the same guarantee as because our products are sold and fulfilled through their platform. Even though they handle general order inquiries, we're always happy to help our customers directly. Many of them are surprised at the personalized service we offer. We love it because it gives us a chance to provide more value and get relevant feedback about our product line."

Reviews for eye serums, wrinkle creams and other skin care products can be interesting but should be relied upon with caution. Smart consumers do a bit of research but they don't spend too much time over-thinking the process. They rely on satisfaction guarantees and buy from companies who focus on providing their customers with high quality products and outstanding service.

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