EyeLaserSurgeryCost.co.uk Provides Free Comprehensive Guide, Offers Exclusive 50% Discount


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- EyeLaserSurgeryCost.co.uk, a website dedicated in providing various informative articles on laser eye surgery, is now offering a free comprehensive guide to help individuals select the right treatment and a 50% discount on LASIK eye surgery. The 61-page free guide covers all aspects of what laser eye surgery comprises off and provides in-sight to the surgery to assist interested individuals in making an informed decision. A discount of 50 %, which is a rarity, can be availed by visiting the website, where further details regarding the discount can also be viewed.

The media spokesperson of the website quoted on their service, “Our objective to clarify any queries or doubts about laser eye treatment, and further offer tips on which type of surgery and surgeon will give the best results. Our website also explains common myths surrounding laser eye surgery and elaborates on what type of laser eye surgery risks are actually present and whether they are even common or very rare. We are currently also offering a 50% discount on a LASIK eye surgery from a reputed laser eye surgery specialists which is exclusive and not easily available.”

Common myths such as laser eye surgeries are expensive, have many side effects, could lead to blindness if not performed properly, are new type of experimental treatment have been all clarified in the articles published on the website. The articles inform that the myth of laser eye surgery cost is based on lack of research because due to its recent popularity there has been an increasing competition which has made the treatment cost affordable. The articles further add that laser eye surgery is actually not new and has been tested rigorously to ensure it is safe and has minimal side effects if any, before allowing the treatment for the general public.

The website also has first hand laser eye surgery reviews to help interested individuals decide on which specialists are experts of the treatment. One of the companies that have been thoroughly reviewed is Optical Express. Fees, success rate, medical equipment, facilities and much more has been analyzed and published on the website. Further video testimonials of customers who were treated by Optical Express are also available.

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EyeLaserSurgeryCost.co.uk is one of the leading websites that provides informative articles on selecting a suitable laser eye surgery. The website also has a free guide which has comprehensive details related to laser eye surgery. Through the online platform, http://eyelasersurgerycost.co.uk/, the various informative articles and tips can be viewed and an exclusive offer of 50% off on LASIK laser treatment can be availed. The company is known for its free guide which offers insight to laser eye treatment and for providing exclusive discounts.

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