EZ-CHARGE Crowdfunding Project Launched on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for the EZ-CHARGE product. The device will harvest energy from the air and convert it to no cost electricity for consumer use.


Northfield, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- To bring his product to market Paul Hunter, Inventor of the EZ-CHARGE has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $300,000 for the development of a portable cellphone charging device that transforms atmospheric energy into usable electricity. The device will have no need for main power, battery power, solar power, or exceptional weather to provide harvested electricity for use when a cellphone charge is necessary. The EZ-CHARGE inventor recently said of the product, “Capturing electricity from the air certainly isn’t a new idea, Benjamin Franklin had it in 1752. However, little did he know that today we would use captured electricity to charge devices that allow us to speak to each other around the globe in real time. Suffice it to say, the EZ-CHARGE is a game-changer.”

Hunter went on to explain that his energy harvesting device is the ultimate in convenience as it is small enough to go wherever the consumer goes and be available whenever a charge is necessary 24 hours a day. Designed so that it will never have need to be plugged into a wall outlet or use a battery the EZ-CHARGE doesn’t even need sunny weather to work. Lightweight and portable, the device has the dimensions of a credit card with the exception of a well-proportioned thickness. Perfect for people who enjoy sports such as rock climbing and hiking the EZ-CHARGE can do its job even when the user is “hanging from a rock” as the inventor humorously states. Able to be slipped into a pocket, handbag, briefcase or backpack the charging device is very easily transported. Hunter adds, "Anyone who has done any research into transforming atmospheric energy into electricity knows how incredibly important this is to every aspect of our lives."

In the development process for five years now Hunter, with his extensive experience in engineering, has designed the device to consists of three electronic circuits that work in harmony. Two of the circuits are presently completed and working to produce an output of 70 volts of electricity which has exceeded the inventor’s expectations. Once the third circuit is completed the energy will circulate then within the device. Funding for the EZ-CHARGE will go toward the purchase of necessary software and hardware to complete the third circuit, additional raw materials, test equipment and tooling for proprietary components. It will also support the final commercial EZ-CHARGE, the injection molds for the basic unit, case designs, tooling and legal fees. The product will have a retail value of $125.

Paul Hunter, is a highly experienced Engineer and the Inventor of the EZ-CHARGE. A British citizen born on the Isle of Wight he has worked on the Concord Aircraft, hovercrafts, helicopters and various satellite systems. A financial advisor in the UK and a property market manager in Cape Town, South Africa he is the inventor of the product Bugz which benefits the Zulu. His mission incorporates his passion to build proper housing for Zulu workers and support the dignity of the community. His determined work provided him with a Humanitarian Award from the US Doctors for Africa in 2007.

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