EZ Fine Finance Reveals New York Is the Fifth Worst State for Fines Against Drivers

New York is notoriously harsh for punishing drivers with fines


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Drivers looking to avoid traffic fines should avoid New York according to EZ Fine Finance; the company that helps motorist pays their fines with an affordable loan. From a ticket for speeding to careless driving, drivers in New York are at a higher risk of needing help to pay a fine than most of America.

It seems when it comes to traffic fines; law enforcement officers in New York are on the ball. The longer a person drives around New York, the higher the chance they have of receiving a traffic fine.

The NYPD take driving offences seriously. People do not have to drive far in New York until they come across a speed trap; the city that never sleeps has one of the highest numbers of speed traps in America. With Law Enforcement officers being harsh on bad driving, drivers visiting or living in the city could require the services of EZ Fine Finance sooner rather than later.

In May, the NYPD showed how strict they are on driving violations when they launched a two-day crackdown on speeding drivers. Over the course of two days, police officers issued 4,814 speeding summonses. Drivers who received the summons can expect to pay anything from $90 to $600, and could also receive from 3 to 11 points on their license.

A spokesman for The NYPD, who hailed the two-day crackdown a success, reminded drivers that the speed limit in New York City is 30 mph unless otherwise stated.

EZ Fine Finance, who provide financial help for individuals with traffic violations who can't meet their municipal court fees, have advised people who receive a traffic fine should pay the fine at the earliest possible moment to avoid any extra charges.

A spokesman for EZ Fine Finance said: “New York has always been a state where drivers are more likely to receive a fine than other parts of America, but the latest campaign has shown it’s getting tough to be a driver in New York”

Traffic offences include

Red light ticket
Careless driving ticket
Speeding ticket
Stop sign tickets

Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems when it comes to receiving a traffic ticket is the cost. With the troubled economy where people have less money, thousands of people who cannot afford to pay the fine pretend it never happened. A lot of people hope by ignoring the ticket it will go away, however this does not happen, and charges are put on top that makes the fine even more expensive. That is why people who need help paying traffic fines should tackle the problem head on and contact EZ Fine Finance who provides financial assistance for traffic tickets.

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