EZ Fine Finance Would Like to See President Obama Spend Revenue from Traffic Fines on Beating the Growing Child Obesity Problem

Revenue from traffic fines could help children beat obesity says EZ Fine Finance


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- In America obesity has become a serious problem. A report has been issued that over 60 percent of adults are overweight while 27.7 percent are obese. However, although adult obesity is a serious issue it has also been reported child obesity has more than doubled in thirty years.

Child obesity is not just about body image, being overweight or obese can cause serious health issues which include, depression, Type 2 diabetes, depression and some forms of cancer. EZ Fine Finance; the company that helps motorist pays fines with an affordable loan would like to see revenue from traffic fines spent on beating the child obesity problem.

EZ Fine Finance would like to see President Obama take action against the obesity problem and review how revenue from traffic fines is used.

A spokesman for the company who provide financial assistance for traffic tickets said: “We would like to see the president arrange for revenue from traffic fines to be used to help children become slimmer and healthier. There is a lot of revenue generated from traffic fines, and this could be used to put in place a number of schemes to allow children to eat healthy foods.”

Health experts believe the high level of obesity in children and adults could be down to the high amount of sugar that is found in foods. As a result, medical experts have called on food companies to reduce sugar levels

EZ Fine Finance, who recently reported how 4,814 speeding summonses were issued over a two day period in May by the NYPD, believe the revenue from the two day speed enforcement campaign could go a long way to help children eat healthier through organized schemes.

The affordable loan company for traffic tickets who have seen a huge increase in the number of motorist seek financial help, believe the people of America would be more than happy if revenue from fines were going to a good cause.

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