EZ Lockout Gets Drivers Back in Their Cars for Low, Flat Rate Prices

EZ Lockout gets high marks in from the Better Business Bureau and customers in San Antonio.


San Antonio, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/31/2012 -- Everyone has locked their keys in their car at some point. It's an inconvenience at best and a nightmare at worst depending on where it happens. The first question that comes to mind after locking one's keys in the car is usually, “Great. Now who do I call to get my keys out of the car?” San Antonio drivers have a convenient answer to that particular question: Call EZ Lockout.

EZ Lockout—located at – offers roadside assistance in San Antonio for the low flat rate price of $45. Their employees are available 24-7 (even on holidays) to get San Antonio drivers back on the road. EZ Lockout helps drivers all over the greater San Antonio area from the North San Antonio Hills to Converse, and from Hollywood Park to Van Ormy.

Their roadside services include the following: 24 hour auto roadside assistance in and around the greater San Antonio area, pop lock San Antonio service, and flat tire service in San Antonio. EZ Lockout also offers dead car battery jump start assistance, emergency new car battery installation, and gas or diesel delivery in and around San Antonio to drivers in need.

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, EZ Lockout and all of their employees pride themselves on their promptness of service as well as their knowledge and professionalism. Their roadside assistance services can be called upon at home, at work, or while on the road. All of their employees understand just how important it is for their customers to be back on the go as soon as possible. Regardless of a driver's particular problem, EZ Lockout is always there to help. Even if a driver has lost the key to their locking lug nuts or if they need a new car battery installed on the side of a freeway, EZ Lockout provides local San Antonio driver with the best service possible in their time of need.

EZ Lockout is known for their high-quality, fast, and efficient roadside assistance services all over San Antonio. Their mission is to ensure that drivers get off the roadside and back on the road where they belong. “EZ Lockout provides professional roadside assistance at a affordable flat rate price. When you call EZ Lockout and Roadside Service, we want to make the entire service process fast and hassle free,” says owner Paul Brown.

About EZ Lockout
Paul Brown studied Psychiatry at San Antonio College (SAC) in downtown San Antonio, Texas. To help pay for his college tuition, he started EZ Lockout & Roadside Service to assist motorists in San Antonio who found themselves in need of roadside or lockout assistance. By keeping his prices low, Paul created a demand for professional roadside assistance at an affordable price.

EZ Lockout & Roadside Assistance includes employees and a large background of clients who have put their services to use. The company continues to be a leader in providing professional roadside assistance services in San Antonio, Texas at competitive rates.