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EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station LLC to Introduce On-Site Pet Medical Care

Interactive telemedicine to feature as part of the new concept


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2014 -- Timely veterinary care can help provide pet owners with the information and the plan of action they need to ensure their pets are and stay healthy. With conventional vet clinics the logistics that come as part of the scheduling of the appointment can often rob the pet of the benefits of early detection and prevention. This is where EZ Vet Station aims to make a difference. This pet health care company has introduced EZ Vet Pet Health Care Stations that are going to be part of the retail landscape of many pet supply stores.

This is indeed a true innovation in terms of rendering veterinary care as the kiosks set up to help pet owners attend to their pets and their medical needs will provide instant diagnostics in consultation with certified vets via tele conferencing. The onsite vet assistant present at the kiosk will guide the pet owner through the process and also perform preliminary diagnostics to assure the pet’s wellness or confirm the nature of the ailment. In this way, pet owners can take strength and support from the fact that their pet will get immediate help without the traditional delays that are otherwise involved as part of routine visits.

The creators, Miami based innovative pet health care company EZ Vet Station, LLC, which have developed a line of interactive pet care kiosks for clinical and retail use, is eager to show the pet industry and veterinary community the amazing capabilities and potential of pet telemedicine through the EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station.

They will debut their interactive telemedicine software and technology at the upcoming Super Zoo Pet Retail conference (Booth #22140) in Las Vegas, July 22nd-24th2014. While the creators are excited about the sense of convenience that will be promoted once the station is launched, they are also ecstatic about the fact that the station will help retailers and veterinarians involved to benefit mutually using the networking opportunity presented.

About EZ Vet Pet care station
The launch of this concept will truly change the way veterinary care is perceived. It has made top class medical assistance and pet care accessible to pet owners giving them the benefit of getting their pet examined by a pet health care specialist on site. The EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station is the first ever telemedicine station designed specifically for pets allowing for real time health monitoring and video consultations with certified veterinarians conveniently located in pet retail locations. To know more, log onto www.Ezvet.com

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