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EZ Wand Offers Motorized Solutions for Existing Blinds


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2018 -- EZ Wand provides an easy way to include motorized capabilities to an individual's existing blinds. The product can be used by buyers with no previous experience as the instructions are simple to follow and do not require any particular technical prowess. They come in a variety of packages depending on the number of shutters the buyer would like to control, and additional accessories are also available for current owners who may be looking to enhance their level of influence. The installation process does not need any special tools, and the entire procedure can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Talking about how the product works, the Head of Sales and Marketing said, "EZ wand is ideal for shoppers looking for a cost-effective means of transforming their blinds into motorized shutters. The entire package fits in a portable box with all the needed pieces found within. All an owner has to do is replace their current wand with an EZ wand version, stick the accompanying adaptor on the new replacement and test out the remote to admire the new capability. The adaptor comes in an easy peel and stick format and does not require any electrical endeavors to activate."

The wand can function with differently sized blinds making it adaptable to various homes and offices. Buyers can improve the overall aesthetic quality of any room using this item, as motorized mini-blinds for window enhance the appearance of any location. The adaptor can be charged using a traditional power source or a solar charger that is available from the company, while the remote uses ordinary AAA batteries to function. These wands are also ideal for windows that might be placed in highly inconvenient places that make them difficult to reach.

Discussing the benefits of using their product, the Head of Orders and Logistics said, "Our wand is currently the fastest and cheapest means of adding motorized enhancements to an existing window. The simplicity of the item makes it easy to use, and individuals do not have to worry about paying for an entire renovation scheme when looking to add this solution to their office or residence. Customers can now get motorized vertical blinds for window without having to sacrifice time, money and any other element related to construction activities."

Those who want remote control window blinds for office can control up to 24 screens with one remote, ensuring that an entire household will not need a mass of clickers in their midst. One, however, can choose to use more than just one remote should they feel the need without worrying about any interference taking place. The batteries needed for the clicker are 6 AAA batteries, and they can last for up to two years before requiring replacement. Their functioning distance is placed at about 45 feet depending on the obstacles present.

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EZ Wand offers motorized capabilities to existing window blinds in the market. Based in California, they offer their products to clients across the globe.

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