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Ez Wand Offers Remote Controlled Blinds for Home and Office


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/28/2018 -- Ez Wand is based in San Diego, California and are spearheading the revolution in automated window blinds. Thanks to their Patented technology and ingenuity, the EZ Wand (Easy Wand) installed on window blinds conveniently tilts open or closes the blinds at the touch of a button. Instead of installing new customized remote blinds, it is much cheaper and easier to replace the old wand with the EZ Wand for a faster way of turning existing blinds into remote controlled blinds.

The Director of Ez Wand said, "There is a reason EZ Wand has become so popular especially with offices and homes that already had blinds on their windows. The fact is, you do not need to go to a lot of expense to turn the manual blinds into automatic ones. Everything you need to turn the window blinds into automatic blinds is in your toolbox. All that is required is to purchase an EZ Wand from Ez Wand and remove the old wand or rod. Install the new EZ Wand, and voila, you have newly automated blinds. You can also choose to use a battery remote or a solar one in which case you will need a small solar panel to charge the remote."

With the EZ Wand available online, one can find out all information they need about them and what the motorized blinds cost online and work out what is the best package to purchase. Ez Wand has some packages with many EZ Wands with one remote. This means a room with many windows can have all the wands replaced with EZ Wands and controlled with one remote all at once. This is very convenient and time-saving that opening and closing blinds need never be strenuous ever again.

Continued the Director to say, "Our EZ Wand is the least costly and fastest way to turn old blinds into modern remote controlled blinds. There is no disassembling, no wiring just replacing the old rod/wand with the EZ Wand. It surely beats the expenses of installing custom made alternative motorized railings. You will save hundreds if not some thousands of dollars especially for large institutions or office complexes. In a short while and minimum expense, you can turn your office or home window blinds into awesome luxurious remote-controlled motorized blinds. All you need to do is motorize your blinds by simply replacing the wand, that simple."

It is now possible to conveniently purchase remote control window blinds online from Ez Wand and have them shipped to the customer's location. Installation is simple, affordable and easy, no need to pay for installers. However, a technician from Ez Wand can fix the EZ Wand for a minimum charge if needed. The remote blinds can be hardwired into the electrical system, which would remove the need for batteries.

About Ez Wand
The company sells remote window blinds for home and office online. The Ez Wand remote control blinds are perfect for the home and office where the convenience of raising and lowering the blinds one at a time or all at once becomes a reality. Should the home or office have many windows, one need not spend time each day walking around opening or closing them, just a flip of the button and it is done. Ez Wand has offices in San Diego, California.

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