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Owners Keep Pets Safe While Allowing Them to Explore and Satisfy Their Curiosity


Ponderay, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- According to the American Kennel Club, Labrador retrievers remain the most popular dog breed, with 60,931 dogs of this breed registered in the United States as of April 30, 2012. Chihuahuas come in second with 42,444 registered in the country as of the same date. "No matter what type of dog a person has, keeping him or her safe needs to be the top priority at all times and the products offered at EzyDog USA (Store.EzyDog) make this easy to do whenever an owner chooses to take his or her furry friend outside," John of EzyDog USA declares.

The soft trainer leash contains a traffic control handle, the zero shock leash helps reduce strain and pull and the Cujo absorbs shock so the risk of injury to the owner or pet is greatly reduced while the Mutley remains a great choice for a wide range of weather conditions which may be experienced in the great outdoors. The Sparky is light, sturdy and long, making it a great choice for small breeds, and many owners choose the Classic Soft Trainer when teaching the dog manners. In addition, EzyDog USA offers two specialty lines of leashes-the Mongrel line and the Vario line. "Owners often find they want different leashes for different purposes and EzyDog USA has one suitable for every task yet all are attractive and do the job intended with ease," John states.

EzyDog USA offers a wide range of leashes to select from and, no matter which type is chosen, customers feel comfortable knowing the leashes are strong and reliable. Each leash adjust to ensure the right fit and yet is light-weight and comfortable for the dog. "Owners love the range of leashes offered, all are stylish and colorful and the leashes, along with the entire line of EzyDog USA products, allow pet owners to enjoy life to the fullest while allowing them to take their pet along so they don't miss out on the fun," John states.

When purchasing a leash for a pet, owners should look into leash extensions or leash couplers as they add to the enjoyment of the dog when outdoors. Extensions may be used to allow dogs to run by the owner's side or may act as a tether while couplers help owners of multiple dogs and those who frequently find themselves tangled in leashes. "Make sure each pet has what he or she need to enjoy the outdoors as much as the owners do; EzyDog USA makes this happen by offering a wide variety of products suitable for any breed," John exclaims.

About EzyDog USA
EzyDog USA manufactures products designed to help dogs enjoy the rugged outdoors to the fullest while providing the style and comfort pet owners require. Maker of the Original Shock Absorbing Leash, which combines innovative sports technology and durability in an amazing product, EzyDog USA offers highly functional and unique leash systems, making control, safety and comfort the top priorities. These leash systems are specifically designed for dogs in training or those that pull. All products help owners and pets alike get the most of the outdoors.