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FAB Auto Parts Has the Tools Needed for a Home Garage


Edison, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/11/2019 -- FAB Auto Parts stocks an extensive range of essential tools for any home garage. From jumper cables to car jacks, replacement oil caps, suspension kits, spare tires, and much, much more, FAB Auto Parts has the cart parts consumers need. For years, the team of mechanics and auto-repair professionals at FAB Auto Parts have been sourcing a range of performance, interior, and exterior products to create a one-stop shop for all auto maintenance needs and goods.

There are several essential tools that every home garage should own according to FAB Auto Parts. These tools will assist most people with everyday auto essentials as well as emergencies that can occur from time to time. Firstly, a socket and driver set is excellent for loosening the nuts and bolts that hold many of today's vehicles together. This is a great product when coupled with a set of socket extensions for accessing hard-to-reach fasteners.

Secondly, wheel jacks are a must-have item for anybody that wants to save cash on the expensive tire repair and replacement services provided by commercial garages. Jacks allow individuals to lift their car using a simple mechanism, allowing wheel repair and replacement work to be carried out at home or on the road.

Any home garage is incomplete without a torque wrench. This simple tool allows individuals to tighten fasteners to original factory torque specification. This is crucial for several reasons: one always wants to make sure a wheel lug is tight enough to withstand normal driving. Keep in mind that it's important to never tighten a sensitive component too much, as this can cause damage. Dialing in the right torque with a torque wrench gets jobs done without any need for estimation.

To view the extensive range of electronics, body parts, tools, and garage essentials available, visit the FAB Auto Parts website or fill out their contact form.

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