How Facebook Friends Are Becoming Couples With a Simple Click


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/06/2012 -- Facebook is all about keeping you connected with friends and family members. From sharing pictures to informing others of what you are doing with your life, Facebook has brought the entire world closer together. However, it is up to you to seek out friends, make connections, and start up conversations. How many times have you thought, “I miss my friend, but don’t want to say anything because he/she might not feel the same,” or “Man, I wish I could tell that girl I really like her,” or even “These two friends of mine would make a great couple! I wish someone would just tell them already!” With the new Mutual Feeling game on Facebook, you can vent these thoughts on Facebook and improve or start new relationships!

With the Mutual Feeling game application,, you have several options for making connections. For yourself, you can select particular individuals who you find hot, are crushing on, miss. You simply have to select the individual and check off how you feel about the person. A growing number of relationships start online, with many of these relationships starting on websites that match total strangers; using Mutual Feeling to make a connection with someone you already know is far more desirable.

The best aspect of this application is that the other individual is not told that you picked them. However, the application does post a nice little note on the person of interest's wall, notifying them that someone has found them cute or even likes them while your identity remains a mystery unless your friend shares the feeling toward you. If your feelings match, get ready for the potential start of a new relationship, or at least a little bit of fun! There is nothing as satisfying as finding out someone you like has the same feelings in return. And if they don't, well, it's still your little secret. At least until you decide to tell them, that is!

The second way to make connections, if you fancy yourself a matchmaker, is to select two of your friends that you think would make a great couple and let the Facebook world know. Your friends will never know you picked them as a couple, but the app will publish the idea that they’re a good match, allowing other friends to comment on how much they agree or disagree. Who knows – you just might help the next Prince William and Kate Middleton hook up!

You don't have to worry about any important information leaking out with the Mutual Feeling Game, as the application only uses basic information from your profile, including birthdays, contact information and friends. The application also uses your subscription email address, should you want to invite more friends to join with you. Just remember, the more friends who join the Mutual Feeling Game, the more who are likely to participate and share their feelings. You never know who may find you attractive. For more information contact Clayton Somera at (707) 712-0633, or visit