Can I Ask a Question?- Facebook Community for All the Curious Minds out There

As the name suggests ‘Can I ask a question?’ started off as a Facebook page/community and with a Twitter account extremely curious to find out and to give a rest to all the curious minds out there, like theirs, about anything and everything. The topics discussed on this page are fun at the same time informative about different subjects from around the world.


Mississauga, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Can I ask a question? is an exceptionally fast growing Facebook community/page that started off just three days back and already has twenty three thousand seven hundred and thirty seven likes on the page. Can I ask a question? is gathering attention from all over the world and is an exciting space to gain knowledge about the indiscriminate things you can ever imagine. They have serious topics such as ‘Is twitter being sold’ as well as random topics such as ‘Do animals greet each other’.

Can I ask a question? is open to everyone on Facebook. Anyone who is curious to ask a question or if you have an answer to a question, all you have to do is go on Facebook and hit the like button to subscribe and just send a note to them. There is a high user interaction on the page in the form of the fans continuously commenting and liking the updates put up on the page. In technical terms, there is UCPs (User Commercial Pipes) that has generated dynamic commercial model, started with an investment of $500. The UCPs are accessible to be consumed for profits. The active commercial model can be rapidly improved and transformed into NDP (News Delivery Pipes). “As an example CIQ can enable any internet savvy person in the US generate economic activity in Tulkarm, Ghaza and get paid.” Says Surinder K Puri, the admin of the Can I ask a question? Facebook page.

“Can I ask a question? is extremely promising.” Tweeted Suzy Welch and liked the Facebook page. A few more examples on what are the kinds of questions that go on the Facebook page are as follows-

- Where did Jesus receive his higher education?
- Is there anything mysterious about the Bermuda Triangle?
- What was the very first international sporting event?

The answers are brought to you by extensive research on the various topics and issues before posting anything on the page. “When I started with ‘Can I ask a question?’ Facebook community I never imagined it would grow this quick, but with the overwhelming response I received and also a tweet within a day mentioning CIQ, it only motivated me to believe in it and help it grow much bigger answering questions about different topics and helping it to get converted into NDP (News Delivery Pipes).” Says Surinder K Puri, the admin of the facebook community. Can I ask something? Shows immense potential to grow as a community with more subscriptions everyday.

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