Facebook Emoticons: How Emoticons Have Changed Human's Communication

Who would have thought that symbols and signs put together in one text can create another form of communication to the numerous internet users worldwide?


Beaver Falls, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2014 -- In the era when internet and the World Wide Web had been parts of our daily activities came the engagement of web-users to different languages which only this internet generation can understand. Our ancestors might cringe in the thought of how easily we communicate and how easily we change the way we communicate with each other. Unlike in ancient times when too much effort was done to create smoke and different tribal sounds to communicate with people on far locations. Nowadays, communicating to people all across the globe is as easy as tapping a key. Thus, millions of social networking sites do not only offer posting of pictures and statuses, they also come with free SMS messaging services for no extra cost as long as the user is connected to the internet.

Emoticons are considered as secondary communication which depicts a picture of a facial expression by means of a few symbols and letters. This serves as an equivalent emotion in the absence of body language, sound and rhythm of speech. It draws the attention of the reader to the emotion of what is being communicated through writing or plain texts. It expresses a person’s feelings and mood while relaying the message to the receiver. In the advent of social media, Emoticons have played a significant and major role in communicating through this new technology.

One highly acclaimed social networking sites such as Facebook offers exceptional messaging service through Facebook Chat. This feature allows each Facebook user to send messages to any Facebook user all across the globe. According to recent studies, Facebook already has a total of 1.3 Billion Active users worldwide. Every 20 minutes, 3 Million messages are being sent using the Facebook Messaging System.

Since Facebook has become widely known for connecting people all across the globe through likes and comments, it is very important to increase the visibility of one's profile by engaging friends to like, post and share the photos. The more interesting the profile is, the more it creates interactions with friends. Based on recent Facebook Statistics, Photo posts generate 39% interaction compared to average posts. While status posts with emoticons increases comments by 33% compared to ordinary statuses. According to AMEX OPEN Forum Infographic, emoticons can create a great difference in an FB user’s engagement rate. Posts with emoticons also get shared 33% more often and get liked 57% more compared to ordinary posts. Facebook Emoticons Codes tend to add emotions and human interaction to just plain messages. Who would have thought that symbols and signs put together in one text can create another form of communication to the numerous internet users worldwide? Not only does these Facebook Emoticons Codes create happy and worthwhile interactions. It also emotions and additional meaning to messages which can be felt by human beings.

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