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Facebook Marketing Small Business Group Hits 80,000 Members in Less Than Four Months


Key West, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/01/2013 -- Growing faster than a young cheetah racing an old turtle – Entrepreneur and business coach, David Breth, officially opened the Facebook marketing (for) small business group, August 31, 2012, with zero members. In less than four months he has a membership of 80,000 plus members. It is growing every week from one to two hundred small business owners.

Many ask “Why would they join this group at these record breaking rates?” Simple. This group was created by business coach David Breth who was being bombarded with emails from small business owners who were relentlessly asking for help in this shaky and uncertain economy.

Breth said, “Fact is I could no longer sit around waiting for these small business owners to find a way to pay my fee to coach them, though my fees are lower than the national average for a business coach offering the information I offer. Even at those rates most simply cannot afford to pay their rent, phone bill, employees, etc. so I decided to open a free service via Facebook so small business owners around the globe can ask their questions and get solid advice from administrators I personally asked to join me. Best of all, this entire group is absolutely free as a way for me to help small business owners gain more financial traction”.

This Facebook marketing small business group has small business owners from all parts of the world asking questions on ways to increase their bottom line, get out of the economic slump they are in, what are the best ways to advertise, and market their products and services. “How to advice” and additional information is being provided by a personally hand selected team of entrepreneurs who are successful in various areas of the world in diverse businesses and skills.

For more information on this Facebook group or an interview call David Breth (305) 906-1987 and visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/MarketingSmallBusiness

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Breth is a full-time entertainer who loves what he does for a living which shines through during each show. He is the one who can please the brilliant CEO, have a room of "know-it-all" teenagers eating from his hand and grasping at every magic trick or give all the children in a birthday party a serious case of the sillies while they are giggling and clapping, ohhing and ahhing withamazement!
David Breth
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