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Dr. Babak Azzazideh’s Center for Advanced Facelift Surgery in Beverly Hills featured on huge national and global television shows and other high profile media outlets.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- The aging process can be very traumatic. People age at differing rates, and differing degrees of severity. It can be a harrowing experience to look in the mirror and see a completely different person because of lines and wrinkles on the skin. Many people all over the world have turned to facelifts and necklifts, minor procedures that significantly reduce the signs of aging, tightening up the skin to create a youthful appearance.

One face and necklift related site that is getting a lot of attention at the moment is This is the home page of the Center for Advanced Facelift Surgery in Beverly Hills. The lead practitioner is Dr. Babak Azzazideh, a world renowned facelift specialist. His practice has been featured on national and global media outlets such as Discovery Health and the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Dr. Azzazideh has a strong reputation in the medical community, and is often cited as an authority on facelifts and other skin tightening procedures. He is the author of four bestselling medical textbooks, as well as fifty scientific publications. He has also written a book aimed at consumers called Beverly Hills Beauty Secrets.

The Center for Advanced Facelift Surgery performs a wide range of anti aging surgeries, including facelifts, necklifts and fat grafting. They also carry out non surgical procedures such as liquid necklift and Ulthera laser skin tightening.

A spokesperson for the website said: “Dr. Azzazideh is without a doubt one of the world’s foremost experts on plastic and reconstructive surgery in general, and facelift, necklift and other facial rejuvenation procedures in particular. His reputation has lead to a number of high profile media appearances. Obtaining a natural result in any kind of facial surgery is absolutely paramount, and the results depend heavily on the skill of the surgeon carrying out the procedure. The only way to be sure of the best possible outcome is to engage the services of an experienced surgeon, and Dr. Azzazideh provides the best surgery that money can buy.”

About is the home page of Dr. Babak Azzazideh’s Center for Advanced Facelift Surgery. They are one of the most renowned facelift surgery practices in the world.

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