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Facial Paralysis Treatment Allow Sufferers to Live Normal Lives Reports


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/15/2013 -- Facial paralysis is a serious medical condition experienced by people all over the world. Facial paralysis is caused by malfunctioning facial nerves and leads to one side of the face looking disfigured or frozen. The most common cause of facial paralysis is Bell’s palsy.

Fortunately, new treatment methods are allowing facial paralysis victims to enjoy normal, symptom-free lives. Facial paralysis is treated like any type of nerve injury and involves using a team of plastic surgeons to restore healthy movement to the affected part of the face. Thanks to these treatments, facial paralysis suffers from all over the world have been able to heal injuries and resume living healthy lives.

Industry analyst John Dahlia explains how doctors generally treat today’s facial paralysis sufferers:

“Today’s doctors generally treat facial paralysis sufferers through surgical intervention. The longer the patient goes without treatment, the higher risk they have of developing long-term nerve damage, which is why it’s important to treat facial paralysis as soon as possible. Doctors use techniques like interposition nerve grafting to heal nerves in the affected area. In fact, most surgeries concentrate on one nerve system in particular – the facial nerve, also known as cranial nerve VII.”

It’s important for patients to work with an expert surgeon for their facial paralysis treatment. As with any invasive surgery, there’s the risk of permanent damage to the body. However, with facial paralysis, that risk is particularly worrying as the effects of damage are extremely noticeable on the face. As a result, Dahlia encourages facial paralysis sufferers to spend time researching the options available to them:

“There are hundreds of plastic surgeons in the United States who specialize in treating facial paralysis. I highly recommend researching the background of a particular plastic surgeon before undergoing the procedure. Look at patient testimonies, for example, and ensure the doctor works with a reliable medical institution.”

Full facial paralysis treatment requires a commitment to physical therapy after surgery is complete. With the help of a professional plastic surgeon and a team of facial paralysis specialists, anybody who suffers from the degenerative condition can get the help they need to continue living a healthy and normal life.

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