Failed Congress Faces United Citizens in United America Party

Common Sense Proposal Promises To Address Nation’s Issues, Improve Electoral Process


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2013 -- In response to the failures of Congress, The United America Party offers fellow citizens a responsible choice. Dependence on government was not the intention of the Constitution. The USA's two party system has indebted the Nation with 16.5 trillion dollars of debt, while senselessly adding 28 billion dollars of new debt each day.

Citizens tired of these failures are taking to heart United America Party's Common Sense Proposal, now available at

United America Party's “Proposal” identifies 10 issues with measures to be taken. These measures are necessary to every person having an investment in our government and the Nation.

The Common Sense Proposal presents three steps necessary to revise our electoral process. These steps will create an environment for integrity, competitive spirit, and participation.

The United America Party was formed to revitalize the spirit of American citizens. An immediate goal of United America Party is to unite the great strength of all citizens, political groups, organizations, and existing parties, and reclaim our independence and government.

The United America Party is conservative in its beliefs, defining a conservative as an American with common sense. Common sense is a quality rarely found in politics today. The “Common Sense Proposal” is not the Party Platform. It is a call to action to the 210 million eligible American voters. As citizens we must all participate in matters that affect us and our descendants.

They ask all fellow citizens to replace their adversity to change with a desire for independence. Join the United America Party, in unity we can eliminate our Nation’s debt and return to a path of prosperity. America has always succeeded when united, with God’s help we will succeed again.

United America Party