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FAIR Program Succeeds in Obtaining Loan Modifications for Southern California Homeowners


El Segundo, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2015 -- Since opening its doors to distressed homeowners in 2010, The FAIR Program has helped hundreds of clients with successfully obtaining loan modifications, and if all else fails, FAIR helps them list their home and receive relocation assistance through multiple government-sponsored programs. FAIR Counselors have specialized knowledge on the foreclosure process in California, and deal directly with lenders on behalf of several homeowner clients on the brink of default or foreclosure.

The FAIR Program was designed to address the surmounting needs of homeowners on the verge of losing their homes as a result of the housing crisis during 2007-09. FAIR offers mortgage assistance services such as loan modification request assistance and other foreclosure avoidance solutions.

Newly appointed Program Director, Eric Petz, has seen a steady rise in homeowners who have failed repeatedly at getting a loan modification, especially after receiving one before. However, FAIR agents have successfully defied the odds and gained loan modifications (in some cases having the ability to lower interest rates down to 2% on the modified loan), for their clientele who pay nothing for the service.

"From Pasadena to Compton, FAIR Program breaks through the brick walls put up by the mortgage industry. With a few tips and tricks, homeowners can get their loan modifications approved in 30-45 days without it costing them a penny, but attorneys and charlatans are scamming them into thinking it's a difficult process while charging an arm and a leg," says Petz, who recalls a mother of 3, from the city of Los Angeles, who was laid off and couldn't make her mortgage payments but is now gainfully employed and remains in her home thanks to her FAIR Counselor, and the FAIR team, who helped deliver an approved loan modification in less than 30 days.

FAIR is comprised of counselors who are licensed by the California Department of Real Estate to assist homeowners facing mortgage challenges, transaction coordinators who deal directly with lenders on a daily basis to put pressure on banks which might otherwise prolong the process to no avail, and a relocation coordinator to place dozens of families who have decided that selling their homes to avoid foreclosure is ultimately in their best interest.

For those homeowners who decide on putting their homes up for sale to avoid foreclosure, FAIR Counselors offer marketing solutions and free home staging by sister company Contmpo Design to facilitate a second chance at rebuilding financial stability. Unlike similar companies, FAIR insists on doing business with a foundation in its 7 Core Values which include simple, but poignant notions for the FAIR Counselors to remember like "Do Good" and "Transparency", principles that keep all FAIR employees in check.

FAIR expects to double its team of counselors by the end of the year to meet the demands of the countless homeowners in need of effective and affordable help.

To find out more about The FAIR Program contact a counselor at 310-321-1234.

About FAIR Program
FAIR Program is a service designed to help homeowners who would like assistance with loan modification requests, avoiding foreclosure and eliminating homeowner's debt. FAIR offers access to critical information and professional advice from experts in the real estate services industry. FAIR Counselors are licensed professionals that have specialized knowledge on current options for homeowners who may be behind in mortgage payments and need smart, clear and timely advice.

Eric Petz
FAIR Program
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