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Fair Review Results of Rare Natural Butt Enhancement Product


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2014 -- has been known to showcase a wealth of personal product reviews of relevant weight-loss and body figure enhancement products out in the market today. The website is the brainchild of resident beauty blogger slash fitness buff, Claire Mier. Meanwhile, Gluteboost owner Jonathan Weis has recently launched their promising new formulated buttock enhancement products.  Claire has reviewed these products  to find out whether or not GluteBoost actually lives up to customer testimonials and company claims.

GluteBoost Natural Butt Enhancement Products: A Closer Look

Mier’s review focused much on what the product can do, what it contains, and its side-effects if there are any. The review also highlighted delightful product reviews from volunteer customers who had been satisfied by the product.

As it is GetCurvyNow’s mission to provide its own loyal customers with the latest trends in weight loss and natural breast enhancements, GluteBoost came under their scrutiny just recently. Here are the findings:

- GluteBoost’s products offer natural buttock enhancement alternative compared to life-threatening buttock injections and overly expensive gluteal implants

- It is one of the few, if not the only, natural butt enhancement program out there (going natural is relatively rare due to the better prominence of injections and implants)

- The package contains three product lineup to be taken in combination: the main pills, enhancement cream and  Maca Root supplements

- The raw materials used in the pills are very similar to breast enhancement products, notably Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam

- The butt cream contains Volufiline, Voluplus and aloe to provide increased moisturizing

- Maca Stack made from Maca Roots help speed up the process

- 4 month money back guarantee may make heads turn. Most companies would just offer a 2 month withdrawal period (amounting to 60 days). Given that GluteBoost doubles that period, the company’s commitment and reliance on the product’s efficacy must be really high.

- It has only received positive remarks from dozens of customers in the company’s own video testimonials portal.

- As the ingredients are all self-sustaining, it is safe to use and does not impose complications to the liver or kidney unless otherwise these conditions are preexisting.

The Obvious Link

“I’ve been familiar with the herbs and have known what they can do when it comes to breast enhancement,” says Mier on the review. This is because GetCurvyNow’s foremost goal is to aid women in finding ways to satisfy a) natural breast enhancement b) gluteal (natural buttock enhancement) and c) Getting rid of belly fat.

Claire’s own take ventured much on the raw products especially phytoestrogen. This anti-estrogen promotes skin growth in the breast area but for it to do well for the buttocks area, it must be combined with Saw Palmetto and Wild Yam (both anti-androgens) which GluteBoost’s natural buttock enlargement pills naturally contains. GluteBoost also contains a variety of other raw ingredients containing antioxidants such as Watercress and Rose Hips so it should be doing what it claims to do: enhance buttocks the natural and safe way in the quickest way possible.

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