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Fairfax Bankruptcy Attorney Speaks out Against Chapter 7 Stigma

Fairfax Bankruptcy Attorney Beeraj Patel sends a message to local community assuring them that Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a safe financial decision.


Fairfax, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy has been instilled in the minds of US citizens as a permanent black mark on their credit and financial future. Fairfax bankruptcy attorney Beeraj Patel has begun speaking out against this taboo belief, assuring to those in financial trouble that to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not a terminal financial condition. Contrary to popular belief, filing Chapter 7 can be a very positive financial instrument. It can be the first step to improving the living situation of US citizens with overwhelming debt who need a breathing room to become financially stable again.

Beeraj Patel, a bankruptcy attorney in Fairfax VA, states that when bankruptcy law is practiced correctly can ensure that consumer livelihoods are protected. Many individuals who have considerable assets shy away from Chapter 7 bankruptcy because they believe that it will critically affect their financial futures. This is far from the truth. When practiced correctly, bankruptcy law can halt foreclosures and life burdensome financial debt. During his career as a Fairfax bankruptcy attorney, Mr. Patel has helped potential candidates see the light when declaring bankruptcy due to some personal practice secrets.

For example, the "Homestead Exemption" protects any assets up to a value of $5,000.00 dollars U.S. Similarly, there is an exemption which protects automobiles for up to $5,000.00 U.S. However, Mr. Patel's ingenuity has resulted in him combining the two exemptions, providing protection for those who have auto value more than $5,000.00 by utilizing left over money from the homestay exemption. This allows Chapter 7 consumers to keep their prized possession in a legal and fair way which is a comfort to all those involved.

Attorney-at-law Beeraj Patel is tired of out of date beliefs about Chapter 7 bankruptcy ruling over the minds of potential candidates. The truth is that many of these individuals could be experiencing a positive outcome from a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case simply by filing with a talented attorney such as Mr. Patel. He declares that Chapter 7 bankruptcy should be seen as a financial instrument not a "cop out" but rather a reasonable option for reasonable people suffering from unreasonable debt.

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