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Fairfax Virginia DUI Attorney Extends Legal Expertise to Drivers


Kirkland, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2014 -- Being arrested for driving under the influence in Virginia can be a scary experience. In Virginia the penalties for violating traffic laws are severe and may include jail time, community service and suspension of driver’s license. Most drivers who are arrested for drunk driving are unaware of their rights and choose not to fight their cases. This is why hiring an experienced DUI attorney is very important. According to, a reputable law firm, SRIS Law Group is now offering their services to vehicle drivers charged with DUI.

SRIS Law Group has some of the best DUI attorneys, Fairfax Virginia has ever produced. It is important for any defendant to have the right representation in court so that he is not deprived of any of his legal rights. SRIS Law Group understands this and selects their lawyers, who are very qualified and knowledgeable in the litigation of traffic law violations. In cases involving violation of traffic laws, it is important to have an attorney who knows and understands the traffic laws.

The SRIS Law Group assists clients with DUI, DWI, DUID, speeding tickets, reckless driving, speeding tickets, suspended license, aggressive driving and other serious violations of Virginian traffic laws. Aside from Fairfax Virginia, the SRIS Law Group also serves clients in Arlington, Prince William, Loudon and Alexandria and other courts in Northern Virginia.

According to, Fairfax County Court handles the most number of cases in the entire state of Virginia. Almost every day, one or more SRIS Law Group attorneys appear before the Fairfax County judges. This constant exposure to the Fairfax judges has given the attorneys a better understanding of how the judges rule on cases and what types of outcome clients can expect in Fairfax. Aside from representing traffic law violators, the SRIS Law Group also has divorce lawyers, family lawyers, personal injury lawyers and criminal lawyers. They also help clients with immigration laws and chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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