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Fairfield Funding Unlocks Income for American’s Everywhere


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2012 -- For many American’s, the income they receive as the result of an annuity or a structured settlement is both a blessing and a curse. While the incomes these provide are welcome, they don’t enable their recipients to access the full potential of their funds. For those looking to purchase a home, pay a child’s college tuition, take a much-deserved holiday or simply consolidate debt, there are limits as to what these financial vehicles can provide.

But what about the option to sell structured settlements, annuities or lottery winnings? Many financial firms are investing a huge amount to advertise and promote their services in this regard, yet consistently fail to deliver on their promises. Sadly, consumers everywhere are learning that when the marketing spin sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

However, there’s been one team quietly achieving great things for thousands of Americans nation-wide. Fairfield Funding, a firm strictly aimed at unlocking lump sum income for those trapped by a drip-fed settlement or annuity has been achieving high acclaim. With a long list of satisfied customers that’s only getting longer by the day, the team behind Fairfield Funding are allowing families from all corners of the nation to live their lives to the fullest extent possible, not at the whim of a poorly-structured annuity or settlement.

With a management team with over 50 years of financial services experience, Fairfield Funding is certainly not the new kid on the block. Avoiding advertising in preference for work of mouth recommendations, the businesses has grown leaps and bounds simply by providing a first class service to each and every client. For those seeking the most reputable avenue by which to sell annuity payments or structured settlement income, it’s easy to see why many opt for the experience and care delivered by Fairfield Funding.

The service offered by the team at Fairfield isn’t simply that of purchase, they’re also committed to ensuring all clients receive the best result over the long term. For this reason, they give qualified, structured advice that, often, might not be what clients expect. “All too often, purchasers of structured settlements are too eager to get you a quote without asking the appropriate questions,” the Fairfield Funding team confirm. “If you rely on a certain percentage of your monthly annuity stream to pay bills, you probably shouldn’t sell more than that”. With high-quality, honest advice, it’s easy to see how more and more people trust the Fairfield Funding team to unlock the full potential of their annuities and structured settlements.

About Fairfield Funding
Fairfield Funding is a direct purchaser of structured settlements and annuity payments, providing a high quality service by which thousands of American’s can access the full potential of their finances. Their philosophy is simple; to provide clients with the best customer service and get them the best value from their structured settlement and annuity payments. Located in the heart of the financial district in Atlanta, GA, Fairfield Funding is sustained solely by a huge flood of repeat and referral business, a testament to their success. For more information, visit http://www.fairfieldfunding.com

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