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Fairmont FX Trader at Finished Sept. with 10.3% Gross Profit


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2013 -- Fairmont FX Trader located near SanFrancisco does help an increasing number of savvy investors to leverage a hedge funds’ s conservative profits by faxtor 3.5.

The good news ist hat now even small investors can take advantage of the trading skills of a seasoned hedge fund trader.

Trading style generating over 10% on average over last 11 months is primarily focused on intra-day trading. Trades for short-term transactions can only take for few hours while medium trades can take days – hardly ever having trades open over the weekend.

For a min. amount of $10.000 investors can have access to Fairmont FX trading opportunities. ICM and Finfx (taking US-clients) are reptuable brokers with prime bank feeds . Interested investors can find all details about Fairmont FX at including track record and downloadable monthly trading reports. A link to a live account is also shown.

Visitors once online can request their online link for account opening and will after registration get monthly updates about results and new offers.

Latest version can be found at :

German economist and lawyer Juergen Bappert who as introducing agent finds and promotes outstanding forex traders says: „Our Fairmont FX trader is our very first trader that got accepted by a HongKong hedge fund with $1.8B under management to trade a sizeable test account. Well, our Monument FX trader with a 54 months-track record should also be eligible fort his opportunity we do hope.“

For further information about the Fairmont FX managed forex account opportunity please visit:

Contact: Juergen Bappert
Company: Managed Forex Accounts for Savvy Investors
Adress: Im Weingarten 8, 79219 Staufen, BW, Germany