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Fairy Princess Parties Has the Perfect Repertoire for Entertainment of Children


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Birthdays come every year and children demand for something special on every birthday. A special event or programme can make occasion memorable. However, to organise such events every year is not a child’s play. Besides, innovative ideas for birthdays are tough to come to mind every year. However, a fairy party is such an idea that can never flop. Fairy Princess Parties just makes it certain that it provides best entertainment that it possible can without much ado for the elders and parents. It is a premier entertainment agency for children’s parties.

Children are always attracted to superheroes and fairies. A party themed on one of their favourite characters would leave parents free of responsibility of managing children as they would stay glued to the play of their characters. Fairy parties have always been hit with children and have spared time and energy for those elders who requested for one of them. Fairy Princess Parties has characters of princesses, fairies, cowgirls and pirates. Cinderella and Snow White are the two princesses’ characters that the artists of Fairy Princess Parties act for. Follow up to the trend has brought Tinkerbelle to the group of fairies upon which the theme can be centred. Besides, there is Ariel – the little Mermaid as fairy and Alice of the Wonderland. One can imagine how memorable an event it would be for the birthday girl and her friends to watch one of her fairytale-characters play in front of them in the princess party.

In addition to organisation of princess parties, Fairy Princess Parties provides amazing girls party ideas . Thus, while some can get the best of entertainment by hiring the agency, others can make the occasion somewhat beautiful by implementing the party tips provided at the website. Fairytale-character oriented invitations cards are also available. The invitation cards and the party tips are provided by Fairy Princess Parties for free. There is provision for gifts too. Various gift packs and gift kits are reasonable priced in order to fulfil every aspect of a children’s party.

Apart from children’s parties, Fairy Princess Parties has the entertainment provision for corporate events too. Fairy Princess Parties is a sister agency of Superheroes, Inc., which has appropriate repertoire for entertainment during corporate events. Fairy Princess Parties provides face painting for children as well as Green Screen Photography of the event that can be shared through social media immediately.

About Fairy Princess Parties
Fairy Princess Parties is a premier entertainment agency for children in Australia. It is based in Sydney and specialises in plays, games and similar forms of entertainment on the theme of fairytales. The artists of Fairy Princess Parties are trained on management of children. The programmes are in accordance with the age-group of the birthday child and its fellow attendees. The agency is not just an entertainment provider but offers complete solution for children.

Fairy Princess Parties
Owner: Andre Pech
Kingsford, Sydney, Australia 2032
Phone: 02 9326 4686