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Fakeavrremovals.com Releases Video Tutorial on System Progressive Protection Removal


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/16/2012 -- In a first, fakeavrremovals.com has released step-by-step guide and software tools to fix famous malware System Progressive Protection. The step-by-step instructions have been presented as a video tutorial. The tutorial is already seeing significant social media traction coming from computer enthusiasts.

The editor of the website, James Robertson, was asked why the procedure for System Progressive Protection Removal is troublesome, “System Progressive Protection is a malware that blocks everything on a computer and doesn’t allow any access to the malware itself. It represents itself as an antivirus and carries out fake scans and fixes. Once installed the malware is very tough to delete. It closes all applications that try to remove it. This has frustrated many people and we finally have a full proof removal of this malware.”

According to fakeavremovals.com, System Progressive Protection creates fake infectious alerts while browsing websites. Your computer is infected, spyware is trying to steal your information, and your credit card details are in danger are some of the alerts that System Progressive Protection creates when visiting websites. These alerts are followed by a link to download the bogus antivirus, people who fail to identify the fake alerts end up downloading the malware. Then the prime motive of malware is revealed as it tricks people into buying a so called full version of the software to remove nonexistent viruses.

The website, fakeavremovals.com, has given two ways to Remove System Progressive Protection. One procedure is called an Automatic Removal while the other one a Manual Removal. Automatic Removal as the name suggests is an easier method, where a malware remover ‘SpyHunter’ is downloaded. SpyHunter then scans and fixes any errors, System Progressive Protection being one of them. The website says that when downloading SpyHunter it should be saved as explorer.exe otherwise, the malware will stop it from installing. Manual Removal is identifying the files that are associated with the malware and deleting them manually. A process that is tedious and not recommended by the website.

It is with the intention of making the process simple even for novices the company has posted the Video Tutorial To Remove The Rogue Software said Mr. Robertson. The tutorial and software is expected to go viral given the scale of the problem and the social media traction achieved till now.

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