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Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants Offers Unique Measured Building Survey Services in UAE


Ajman, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2018 -- One of the outstanding engineering survey solutions providers in UAE, Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants offers unique Measured Building Survey Services to provide accurate structural details of key elements in buildings and structures. Their survey services include cross sections, structural details, vertical checks, elevation details, column alignment, verticality heights, levels and changes, and lift and stair design. The survey services are provided by an outstanding team of certified professionals who possess years of experience working in this domain. As a part of their services, the experts also carry out GPR surveys to map and position structural details such as rebar, reinforcement mesh and steelwork within the floors, walls and columns of concrete structures. The surveys are used to generate highly accurate building footprint with internal control points.

Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants is one of the well-known PT Scanning companies in Dubai. Over time, the company has amassed a massive customer base all across the UAE due to its unrivalled commitment to quality, excellence and competitive prices. In addition to measured building survey services, they also offer services including Engineering Surveying, Topographic Surveys, GPR Underground Utility Survey, 3D Laser Scanning, GPS Surveying, GIS Data Collection, 3D Laser Scan Survey, GPR Utility Survey, etc.

Talking further about their measured building survey services, one of the representatives from Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants stated, "As a task specific investigation or part of an integrated measured building project, Survey Solutions can provide accurate structural details of key elements in buildings and structures. Taking detail observations we can produce sections through any alignment to clearly show the various elements and how they relate to each part of the structure in position and level."

About Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants
Falcon Survey Engineering Consultants, is one of the leading organizations in the field of Land, Marine, GIS & Geographic Surveys as well as calibration services of International Standards and Quality. They provide conscientious and reliable engineering survey solutions to a wide range of infrastructure, construction and development projects for International Clients, Government Sectors, Consultants & Constructions Companies in U.A.E. They have been very successful in working with other professionals as part of a team to meet complex development challenges throughout U.A.E.

For more information, please visit: www.falconsurveyme.com