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Fall Heat Pump Maintenance Sets Up Homeowners for Winter Comfort


Cedar Park, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/19/2019 -- With fall's approach, Cool Experts reminds Central Texas residents that now is the perfect time to schedule heat pump tune-ups. Autumn inspections revive heat pumps at the end of the Hades-hot summer while prepping equipment for winter use. Like those crucial 3,000-mile vehicle oil changes, heat pump maintenance is a wise investment that elevates efficiency and wards off premature failure. As an added benefit, Cool Experts maintenance plans also preserve manufacturer warranties and improve indoor air quality.

Routine Heat Pump Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Cooling systems that made it through summer without needing AC repair service in Round Rock, TX, deserve extra TLC. Scheduling fall HVAC maintenance is a top priority, but DIY-savvy residents should also follow these simple recommendations for year-round heat pump care.

Tip #1: Heat pumps operate most efficiently, summer or winter, with clean filters. Homeowners should clean or change filters every 30 to 60 days to lower energy bills and minimize wear and tear. Cool Experts advises changing filters even more often during seasons of high AC or heating use.

Tip #2: Keep outdoor heat pump equipment free of leaf debris and windblown trash—and clear a 2-foot-wide space around the unit for optimal results. Residents should also trim bushes that overgrow the area since they may interfere with efficient heat pump operation.

Tip #3: Heat pumps work best when thermostats are left at a constant temperature. After establishing a comfortable setting (usually around 68 to 72 degrees), occupants save money by making fewer thermostat changes. For ease of HVAC use, Cool Experts installs smart thermostats—which save energy and maximize AC performance by "learning" a family's comfort patterns and weekly schedules.

Tip #4: When a heat pump is not functioning correctly, it's best to leave air conditioning repair in Cedar Park, TX, to a certified HVAC contractor. Rattling, loud noises or sudden airflow changes may indicate a loose fan belt. Unpleasant odors or mold growth could be symptoms of a heat pump leak. Since most homeowners are not experienced with mechanical HVAC problems, repairs should be referred to a professional.

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The NATE- and EPA-certified Cool Experts service and maintain all major brands and models of air conditioning and heat pump systems. Satisfied customers appreciate the company's old-school values and total satisfaction guarantee on heat pump maintenance in Cedar Park, TX and AC repair services in Round Rock, TX. Members of the Comfort Club Maintenance Program can rest easy on colorful autumn weekends since their heat pumps are ready for the changing seasons. To join the Comfort Club, contact Cool Experts online or call 512.790.5715 to request an estimate on AC replacement and installation.