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Famed Young Artist Creates Innovative New Art Series


North Haven, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2017 -- Renowned artist Joe Papagoda has released information on his "Myths" series, ( In a recent statement he revealed that this particular body of work is meant to be allegorical, and timeless. Joe expressed that the inspiration is loosely based on the timeless archetype of ancient myths and he seeks to evoke an expressive power in lieu of figurative suggestions by combining the intense emotional aspect of color theory with dynamic fluid imagery.

Joe is recognized in the modern art industry for his amazing talent that captures the archetypes of the ages and expresses them with a compelling insight and bold style, which he has been able to accomplish in the Myth series. The distinctive imagery in the series has been presented as color fields which are boldly known for their primordial essence - making them the perfect basis for such a mythic art.

According to Joe, to further reject figurative imagery, these artworks were created in conjunction with narrative titles based loosely on Greek mythology, this title also serve as back stories that help in empowering the creative vision in the mind of the viewer - as if a story were being read - the abstract imagery sets the tone and expression.

Joe's inventive approach towards abstract art has received much praise from fans, aficionados and critics alike. His work has earned him multiple awards, and positive comments from curators and critics. Recently, he won an award for one artwork in this series, "The Eos Crisis", from Focus Point and Shape International online gallery - the curator was quoted as saying "Joe Papagoda is a young artist bound to make his mark."

Joe also revealed that he has collaborated with Art Star gallery ( to bring his Myths series as exclusive limited edition prints. Since the reveal of the series, Joe has a substantial social media response with over 35,000 followers in total across multiple social medias in less than a year for this series as well as having the series go on to be collected in most major cities in the USA, and collected overseas as well.

Also, Hotel Tilden and Joe have collaborated to create a 65-foot mural entitled "The Sake of Serenity." Hotel Tilden calls him a celebrated artist. Joe's art is changing the way the viewers see, understand, and respond to art - this topic is certainly worth further discussion. (

About Joe Papagoda
Joe Papagoda (b.1992) is a versatile artist in multiple media—paint, sculpture, photography—he captures the archetypes of the ages and expresses them with compelling insight and bold style.

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