Wheelchairs Will Roll Through the Red Carpet at Familia Unida's Wheelchair Wash, and Also Get a Free Wax, Tune up and Makeover

Familia Unida Living with MS Celebrates – “No Color Lines except for the red carpet line”. Angelinos Living with Disabilities will be treated to a FREE FUN Day


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 -- Familia Unida Living with MS, e.g. Familia Unida, today announced that it will host the 9th Annual Wheelchair Wash, a one-day celebration that is remembered all year long, “no color lines, expect for the red carpet line” on Sunday, July 15th from 10AM to 6PM at the East Los Angeles Civic Center, 4801 East Third Street. Angelinos will be treated to a special day that begins with a blessing as guest wheel in the red carpet and are welcomed by a bunch of volunteers that have come together to make this a day filled with love, resources and an opportunity to make new friends!

Envision a large gathering of persons and children in wheelchairs and scooters participating in a whole day of health education and family fun. At Familia Unida living with Multiple Sclerosis we refer to wheelchairs, scooters and walking assistance devices as “mobile partners” as this is your partner day in an day out to get around and help maximize your experience of life. Familia Unida believes it is important to give special acknowledgement to these “mobile partners” and send the message to keep them clean. It starts off with a wash, wax and tune up of your mobile partner. For many people attending it is their first time ever having there “mobile partner” washed which is a sad reality. We have had families bring in their loved ones and have said “ I feel so bad, I never thought about washing my daughters wheelchair and from now on I will make sure it is always clean.” The happy faces is priceless to experience. Throughout the day there is group exercise taking place in designated spots that is tailored to those in a wheelchair and scooter.

Familia Unidas annual Wheelchair Wash Health Access Community Fair was created by founder Irma Resendez 9 years ago. Mrs. Resendez was grateful that she had her husband and daughters to wash and keep her mobile wheels clean. While going on outreaches to hospitals and at the Familia Unida monthly support group meetings; the Wheelchair Wash concept was born. People living with MS, Paralysis and other disabilities expressed their desire to have their wheelchairs, scooters, and walkers cleaned. The first wheelchair wash was held at the Familia Unida office in 2002 with 40 people in attendence in electric scooters and wheelchairs. Today the wheelchair wash has evolved to having hundreds of attendees roll in the red carpet ready for a day full of goodies. Not only to have their wheels washed, waxed, and tuned up but also to make new friends. The Wheelchair Wash Health Access Fair bridges community resources, healthier lifestyle tips, wheelchair/scooter safety demonstrations, and much more. This entire day is valued at over $150.00 per person and it is given absolutely at no cost.

Our current economy has affected us all, especially the low income families, health care current budget cuts and more community organizations forced to close their doors has made it a priority for Familia Unida to continue to find ways to give our community a day of no worries that is filled with love and positive energy.

The energy is heartfelt and witnessing inclusion, socialization and especially building a community of family unity that represents over 2,5000+ persons that now attend Familiia Unidas Annual Wheelchair wash increases with each year. Familia Unida is commited to keeping this vision alive; a day of health, love and fun at no charge!

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