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Family Dental Center in Lansdowne Is Now Offering Educational Videos on Oral Hygiene


Lansdowne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- Everyone is familiar with cavities and the importance of brushing their teeth. However, oral hygiene encompasses much more than just brushing. Furthermore, cavities are only one problem that can arise from poor oral care. The Family Dental Center, dentist in Lansdowne, is now offering their patients access to educational videos in order to ensure everyone has the information needed to maintain a healthy smile. Family Dental Center can provide a variety of dental care and services. However, the professionals at Family Dental Center realize that their patients have to continue to take care of their mouth when they leave the office. Now, with educational videos on good oral hygiene and other topics, patients have access to information from the comfort of their own home.

At Family Dental Center in Lansdowne, oral hygiene means taking care of teeth, gums, and tongues. Brushing still remains the most important component to oral hygiene. Brushing teeth removes plaque and bacteria. Additionally, leftover food can be removed by routinely brushing. Choosing a soft brush that doesn’t cause damage to gums is also important. Lastly, choosing toothpaste that has proven to be effective and contains fluoride is essential to keeping teeth healthy.

Another important component of oral hygiene is routine flossing. Unfortunately, patients often abandon flossing shortly after a trip to the dentist. However, flossing removes bacteria and food that brushing is unable to accomplish. Floss is the most effective way to eliminate bacteria deep between teeth. Creating a habit of flossing can have tremendous effects on overall dental health.

The last component of good oral hygiene, tongue cleaning, is the most commonly overlooked. The professionals at the Family Dental Center urge patients to take good care of their tongues. Tongues are a refuge for all sorts of bacteria and need to be cleaned regularly. Simply taking an extra minute during each brushing session to brush the tongue can be beneficial in more ways than one. Feel free to email or call the Family Dental Center in Lansdowne for any additional questions or concerns.

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