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Family Dental Center in Lansdowne Now Offering Dentures and Partial Dentures


Lansdowne, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- The Family Dental Center, a dentist in Lansdowne, PA, is pleased to announce that they are now offering both dentures and partial dentures. A denture is a removable set of teeth that are used to replace missing teeth and their surrounding tissue. Dentures are offered as a complete set or a partial set.

Complete dentures are placed after all the teeth have been removed. This process can take up to 12 weeks after the teeth have been removed to allow the bones and gums to heal and shrink back to their permanent size. There are immediate dentures that can be made prior to the removal of teeth and placed immediately after the procedure. The immediate dentures will require many office visits after the removal of teeth for adjustments as the gums and bones are becoming smaller in size. Conventional dentures are the permanent set of removable teeth that is placed after all the healing has occurred. Some patients will choose the immediate dentures for aesthetic purposes and others will choose to let the gums and bones heal for eight to twelve weeks and then have the conventional dentures placed.

Partial dentures are a removable set of teeth that only replaces a small section of teeth instead of the entire set. There needs to be at least one natural tooth remaining for a partial denture to be used. The partial denture will be attached to the natural tooth and will fill the space of the missing teeth. Not only does the partial denture help fill the spaces in the mouth, but will also help prevent the remaining teeth from moving and repositioning.

The only alternative to dentures is dental implants, which are a permanent option. Although the cost is generally higher for the dental implants, they are usually more appealing because they more look more like real teeth.

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