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Family Divorce Solutions Attorneys Spoke at Annual Collaborative Practice California Conference


Woodland Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2018 -- Family Divorce Solutions attorneys Jami Fosgate and Kevin Chroman spoke April at the annual statewide Conference of Collaborative Professionals. Most of the staff at Family Divorce Solutions also attended the conference.

Ms. Fosgate led a discussion on how motivational interviewing people seeking a divorce can improve the consensual dispute resolution process. Mr. Chroman, a board member and secretary of the Conference did not present during any of the seminars, but attended and canvassed those attending to see what can be done to improve the conference and what next year's agenda should be.

"The annual conference is an excellent opportunity to learn about changes to California's laws on divorce, especially in mediated and collaborative divorce and improvements to the process. Anyone who is involved in family law, settling family issues, divorce and child custody matters will learn something over the three days," Ms. Fosgate said.

The idea of collaborative divorce is growing across the nation and in California specifically. More and more judges are ordering couples to at least try some form of mediated divorce before presenting their cases in the courtroom.

Going through a collaborative process is usually better for all involved, Mr. Chroman said. He gave these reasons:

- It is less expensive for the people divorcing.

- It allows the couple, not a judge, to make the decisions that will affect their family's future.

- When child custody is at issue, parents who can work together are reassuring the children that the divorce is not the end of the world.

"Collaborative divorce lawyers want to see both sides away as happy as possible. We want to make sure both sides get fair treatment. Having gone through a divorce myself before becoming an attorney, I know how painful it can be," Ms. Fosgate said. "We cannot eliminate all the pain, but we can make the process easier."

Mr. Chroman said having a judge decide a divorce is always an option if the collaborative process doesn't work out.

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