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Family Lawyer Calgary Tells What Details to Keep Track While Going Through a Divorce


Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- If someone is in the market for a divorce lawyer, chances are they have bigger things on their mind than doing a full background check on the lawyer they’re considering hiring. At Calgary Family Lawyer, the best relationships are built on honesty and communication, so in the interest of full disclosure, here are eight things most divorce lawyers won’t tell their clients (but we will):

1. Family law isn’t a hobby.
Lots of lawyers advertise that they handle divorces. And bankruptcies. And write wills. And defend DWIs. And anything else that requires a law degree. If one is getting a divorce, hire a lawyer who just does divorce. They will be more efficient, proficient and cost-effective.

2. One is more financially complex than one thinks (so one need a divorce lawyer with money smarts).
These days, just about everybody has investments, a mortgage and some debt. Ensuring that those assets and liabilities are handled equitably requires a lawyer with more than basic math skills. Make sure the lawyer that one hires can read a spreadsheet as well as they can argue in court.

3. Life after divorce isn’t always financially rosy.
For many divorcees, divorce means living on less money. That can be difficult, but for many people, it’s an acceptable trade-off. However, a skillful divorce lawyer can help mitigate that by securing an equitable share of the marital assets and so one can start the next chapter of our life in the black.

4. There are no guarantees.
Any lawyer who promises us a particular outcome — whether it’s a particular division of the assets, custody or some other result — is skating on thin ice, ethically and legally. One can do our best to achieve a successful outcome, but just like a doctor can’t promise if one will be cured, no lawyer can or should promise a particular result.

5. Consider hiring a therapist.
Divorce is unquestionably a tough time for all involved. Although a good lawyer can also be a good sounding board, if one finds spending more time with her talking about our feelings than the legal issues, it’s time to enlist the aid of a qualified therapist. Most experienced lawyers can refer us to a good one.

6. There is no such thing as a “discount divorce.”
When one see ads for divorce lawyers who claim to complete a divorce for a ridiculously low sum of money, one just shake our heads and sigh. Either the lawyer is doing a bait and switch or is doing poor work. Even a relatively simple divorce needs to be handled with care. That doesn’t have to break the bank, but it’s definitely going to cost more than a week’s worth of groceries.

7. Beware the “franchise office” approach to family law.
Some big-name law firms claim to have an array of offices in the DFW area, giving clients the illusion that they have top-drawer family lawyers as close as their neighborhood coffee house. Unfortunately, those offices are only minimally staffed, and their clients miss out on the teamwork and collaboration that clients in the “home office” get. The collective expertise of seasoned family lawyers is an invaluable asset that shouldn’t be underestimated.

8. Not every divorce requires a lawyer.
It’s true. Where there are no conflicts, no children, no shared assets or debts, and no issues of continuing financial support, it’s feasible that a divorcing couple could handle their case on their own. Granted, that’s an exceedingly rare scenario, but if that describes the situation, one may not need to hire a lawyer.

If one is about to hire a divorce lawyer, take the time to interview him or her and make sure one is hiring someone who has both our best interests at heart and the skills to handle our case exceptionally well. Our lawyer is going to be our advocate during a difficult time, so it’s not a choice to be taken lightly.

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