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Family Lawyer Offers Simple Methods for Resolving Domestic Legal Disputes Calmly and Inexpensively


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2012 -- For more than two decades, attorney Allen Skuce has represented fathers, mothers, and children in a variety of family law proceedings ranging for custody disputes, property division, support matters and child protection issues.

Through all the drama Skuce has experienced in this sticky sector of the law, he’s learned one indisputable truth: Clients who take a practical approach to settling these disputes and don’t dig their heels in for a specific resolution usually experience the most desirable outcomes. In his new book, Practical Problem Solving for Separating Spouses the World Over, Skuce offers readers practical and accessible advice for reducing the misery of resolving these types of cases.

“This book is perfect for someone in the middle of a separation themselves or who has a family member who is going through a separation,” said Skuce. “Those embroiled in these types of proceedings often just want it to end quickly. By using the approaches outlined in this book, they can bring about more acceptable settlements and save thousands of dollars in legal fees.”

In Practical Problem Solving for Separating Spouses the World Over, Skuce:

- Provides easy-to-implement approaches for working with your ex-spouse dispassionately to resolve these emotionally-charged cases.
- Presents the benefits of cooperating to maintain control of your case versus the uncertainty of leaving it in a stranger’s hands – the family court judge.
- Explains the uncertainty of many issues in the legal system and the lack of absolutes to in family law.
- Outlines the personal and financial benefits of fostering an atmosphere of cooperation between the parties.

While Skuce practices law in Canada, Practical Problem Solving for Separating Spouses the World Over provides approaches and themes that will be effective throughout most of the world regardless of legal jurisdiction.

About Allen Skuce
Allen Skuce has practiced family law in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada since 1992. He graduated from the University of Toronto Law School in 1989, and was called to the Ontario bar in 1991.

Skuce is the president and chief executive officer of FL Problem Solving, Inc. and operates an e-commerce website design dedicated to assisting individuals in finding practical solutions to problems common to couples who are separating.

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