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Family Pet Hospital in Edmond Educates Dog Owners Regarding Disease and Treatment


Edmond, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- There are certain diseases that are common among dogs and those who own them should know what they are. It is also very important to take dogs to the vet for checkups on a regular basis to make sure that they are still healthy and not developing any potentially dangerous or even life-threatening problems. Some of the more common diseases and health problems dogs develop include:

- Arthritis: Although most people think of arthritis and joint pain as being limited to just humans, the fact is that many dogs can suffer from this problem as well, especially older dogs. Changes in the amount of cartilage a dog has can occur very quickly, which is why it is so important to get yours looked at regularly.

- Cancer: Another type of health problem that affects dogs as well as humans is cancer. Dogs can get different types of cancer just like people, and it is important for these animals to stay active and have a balanced nutritious diet. Cancerous masses can appear, some of which are very small and not incredibly noticeable, making it crucial to get them in to see a veterinarian for checkups.

- Dental Disease: Dogs can develop problems with their teeth like humans, so it is important to get them to see a vet to make sure that they do not need any special dental care to preserve their overall health.

Dog owners who care about their pet’s health and want them to live as long as possible will certainly need to make an effort to get them in for regular checkups at a licensed veterinarian. Certain breeds of dogs are known for having specific health problems, so you will need to find out everything you can about yours.

The Family Pet Hospital has a caring and experienced staff of professionals who work hard to ensure that each dog they see is taken care of and looked over thoroughly with each checkup. Those who are currently looking for a new veterinarian to take their dog to will definitely want to consider this one, as it has a great reputation for providing a high standard of care for all of its patients. Checkups are important for all different types of pets, including dogs, because there are many different diseases and health problems which can pop up quickly or slowly over time, and it is important to catch them as soon as possible.

About The Family Pet Hospital in Edmond
The Family Pet Hospital in Edmond is a full service animal hospital with three licensed veterinarians on staff. Offering service from simple checkups to surgery and laser therapy, the staff can care for pets at the highest level. Our licensed veterinarians even provide nutritional and behavioral training for owners so they can better care for the needs of their pets. All veterinarian services and more are available at one place in Edmond.

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