The MamaBear Family Tracker App Remains Compliant with COPPA Regulations.

The FTC enacted new child privacy regulations on July 1. MamaBear is completely compliant.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2013 -- The beginning of July marked the implementation date of several new provisions in the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The additions to the Act include rules for several newer technological innovations that the law had not previously covered. The goals of the MamaBear family app are directly complementary to this new legislation, and MamaBear continues to comply with all COPPA rules and regulations with parental consent before use of the app.

The new COPPA protections include rules for geotag related information, as well as photos, videos and voice recordings of children under the age of 13. These new provisions also strengthen protection on apps for mobile devices, as well as closing loopholes that had previously allowed third party plugins to collect children’s information. They also add protection to children’s behavioral data, and prevent some “persistent identifiers” used to track IP addresses and behaviors from being utilized without the consent of a parent.

The makers of the popular MamaBear family tracking app are proud to announce that their app remains in compliance with all of the new COPPA protections. The revolutionary family tracking app gives parents access to a powerful set of tools to monitor and protect their families. Family data gathered by the MamaBear app is not shared with third parties and is behind a secure infrastructure.

The MamaBear app is available for Android and iPhone platforms and provides near real-time information about a child’s location, driving speed and social media activity with email and pushed notifications. Social media monitoring provides parents with alerts when a child posts on social media, is tagged by a friend, makes connections with friends or uses inappropriate language.

MamaBear gathers an incredible amount of information that parents find invaluable and never shares this information with third parties. Helping parents to protect their family’s privacy is a founding principle for the makers of MamaBear, who are glad to keep their app in line with all COPPA provisions. MamaBear required no changes to remain in compliance with these important child protections.

More information on the MamaBear app is available at

MamaBear is available in the Google Play Store for Android phones and the Apple App Store for iPhones.

About MamaBear
Who knew a conversation with a stranger while on vacation would inspire a new way of thinking about parenting and safety of children everywhere. A light bulb went off when a stranger described her full-time job as trying to keep track of her teenagers to an empathetic, problem solving technologist with five kids of his own. The problem and solution was vetted, drawn, tore-up, re-drawn and developed by a group of parents, digital visionaries and experienced technology entrepreneurs with a passion for fostering family unity. Our vision is a world of worry-free parenting. Our mission is to create tools that provide parents a peace of mind while giving children needed freedom. Our core values are to protect our children, honor our families,encouraging trust and respecting privacy.