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Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- E Cigs are the talk of the new era that is more conscious of its environment and surroundings. While smoking tobacco cigarettes has been the norm since time immemorial, the harmful side effects and health hazards associated with it have tainted the trend but not able to vanquish it due to the addictive nature of tobacco cigarettes.

E Cig Brand  is an innovative website where complete information is given for the best ecigs brand available. The website tells smokers the benefits of switching to an e-cigs brand for its health benefits as well as the more social responsibility of not polluting the environment with smoke and ashes. There are a number of e cig brands with a comparison of the best and a discussion board with features and components of each kit of e cigs brand.

The e-cig brands are battery operated and do not emit any smoke, ashes and do not need a lighter. The electronic cigarette brands all work with a similar sparking reaction that allows the nicotine to be vaporized. The resulted fumes exhaled are only water vapor that are not polluting and do not negatively affect the health of the smoker in any way. For this reason, it is an ideal cigarette alternative for public places where there is a penalty to pollute the environment. Tobacco smoking is prohibited for sale in young adults. Even in the case of adult smokers, each tobacco cigarette packet comes with a warning label which cautions about smoking causing lung and mouth cancer, breathing problems, consistent coughing, yellow stained teeth, bad breath etc.

The good part about eCig brand is that smokers can enjoy puffing their regular dose of nicotine but without the associated harmful effects. The ecig brands are easily available to any smoker who wishes to quit the habit but finds it hard to do so. The ecig brands can be supplied to anywhere in the world for only the amount of shipping fees to deliver it to the required destination. Smokers who try the ecig brand will agree that it is many times better than nicotine gum and is a great healthy alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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