FanBlast Mobile App Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Revolutionize Sports Fandom for the Social Media Age

FanBlast was designed by Joseph Calderon to create the live stadium experience by putting fans from opposing sports team into head- to-head chat rooms, while their favorite teams are on the field.


Chula Vista, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2014 -- Sports fans around the world are always searching for new ways to express their opinions and show team pride. Their voices already dominate social media platforms such us Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, but these more passive approaches don't allow the one thing sports fans love most - connecting with other fans in real time during games.

FanBlast is the mobile application, created by sports fans for sports makes, making chat and conversation as lively as the games themselves. But more importantly, unlike Facebook and Twitter, FanBlast allows users real time participation in an area-like setting, rather than merely following, searching and leaving passive comments on their favorite teams.

Joseph Calderon conceived the idea for FanBlast while cheering along during a heated encounter between the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders. A diehard San Diego fan, Joseph noticed that each of his Facebook posts about the Chargers was being responded to by the Raiders supporters. Immediately, Joe realized he could build an app that creates the experience of being in the stadium, sports bar or living room with fans of opposing teams - where your team pride is only as strong as your last and best cheer.

The development team led by Calderon has been actively running tests in selected markets suggesting an auspicious future ahead for FanBlast. Now, the team is looking to incorporate a host or new features to enhance the experience of FanBlast users:

-In app purchases called “Blasters”. With Blasters installed, users can mock or taunt opposing fans with special ability upgrades sure to cause a stir during exciting moments.

-A merchandise store where the fans can purchase high-quality gear branded by their favorite sports teams.

-An Android version of the application to greatly expand the already growing iOS user base.

A true labor of love and personal vision, Joe and the core team have funded FanBlast’s development and market testing through their own personal savings and now turn to Kickstarter to raise greater capital. The current funding target for this Kick starter campaign is only $500, and this amount will be spent to hire specialized freelance programmers to focus on the initial upgrades to the application. With more resources they will be able make FanBlast the premium destination for social fandom across all major sports.

This Kickstarter campaign will come to an end on the January 12. 2015.

Find out how you can get involved with FanBlast’s Kickstarter campaign at

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About Joseph Calderon
Joseph Calderon is an alumnus of California State University Fullerton, where he gained a solid and well-rounded foundation of business and economics. Working in the financial industry for the last five years has provided Joe a solid foundation of the capital markets, financial services, and the regulations governing the industry. And obviously, Joe is also a huge sports fan.