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Fandom Universe Begins a Crowdfunding Venture on Indiegogo

Smart Crowdfunding is slated to carry out strategic marketing initiatives for ‘Your Fandom and Beyond’ on Indiegogo. This campaign seeks to create a Fandom Universe for fans everywhere.


Lafayette, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2014 -- Headed by its founder Jamie Burt, Fandom Universe brings its virtual world to Indiegogo with the crowdfunding endeavor ‘Your Fandom and Beyond’. The term fandom was coined by blending the words fan and kingdom, and is used to describe the community that comes together to support a sport, TV show, genre, book, video game, etc. If you really think about it, everyone is a fan because we all have something that we are passionate about. For some of us it is an epic adventure, movie or book series, and for others it may be a game, comic book series or sporting event. Fans often become emotionally connected to the athletes, characters, and events, in the worlds they follow.

Fandom Universe hopes to create a virtual realm where all of these fans can come together and connect through their shared passions. They want to create a place where everyone can freely converse, share ideas, and connect without all of drama, gossip and hostility that accompany other social media network sites. Not only will members be able to mingle online with other fans, but they can also use the forum to help each other with fandom related tasks. For instance, if a fan needs assistance creating or finishing a costume for an event they are attending, they can seek help or ideas from someone who truly understands what they need.

The site will also offer full coverage of fandom geared events such as comic book conventions, sporting events, and renaissance fairs. If a fan is unable to attend an event due to financial or time constraints, they will be able to attend it virtually with the coverage that the site offers. All relevant details of an event, such as time and place, will be provided within the individual portals of Fandom Universe. This means a fan will always know when and where a much anticipated event will be taking place.

Fandom Universe promises to be a home away from home for fans everywhere. Along with all of the other facets of the site, the team also plans on launching an arena for healthy competition with an online game portal: Fandom Universe Games. The games will be multidimensional and challenging, but also simple enough for anyone to play. In order to make all of this a reality, the team is seeking help from the public via their Indiegogo campaign.

This campaign, ‘Your Fandom and Beyond’ hopes to raise $450,000 in order to kick off their first four portals: anime/manga, comic books, renaissance, and gaming. The funds raised will be used for website hosting, development, game portal creation, and employment of the necessary experts needed to get Fandom Universe up and running. They plan to have most, if not all, potential problems addressed before their launch date. As an added incentive to bring contributors to their campaign, they are offering a wide range of perks. These perks range anywhere from varying membership lengths to site related merchandise or vendor packages. Full details about the project can be found on their campaign page.

About Fandom Universe
Fandom Universe is a group of inspired fans who want to create a place for fans of all genres to be able to come together without all of the senseless drama found on other social platforms. The idea is to allow people to bond and talk about their passions and fandoms without having to deal with personal nonsense, politics, trolls or twerking videos. Like-minded people will be able to come together and have real conversations about their subject in a safe non-hostile virtual environment.

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About Smart Crowdfunding LLC
Smart Crowdfunding is a Florida based company providing marketing and promotional services, which are designed to help crowdfunding projects look better, gain better visibility and ultimately gain trust with potential campaign backers.

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