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Fannon Now Offers Professional Pet Dental Care in Knoxville for Owners


Knoxville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/01/2013 -- Fannon, an acclaimed animal hospital now offers professional pet dental care in Knoxville. This is the best hospital for pet's dental care. They focus on the pets’ health and provide all possible health care tips to the owner to keep their pets healthy. In their effort to redefine pet dental health care, vets have been able to deliver reliable services.

This Knoxville animal hospital is renowned among locals for offering numerous dental services for animals. It offers professional dental cleaning done under general anesthesia, regular dental checkup services, a highly recommended pre-dental blood work and a variety of dental treatments and enzymatic clean ups that help in preventing the formation of dental plaque and gingivitis in gums and teeth.

It is considered as the best North Knoxville veterinarians for veterinary services like preventative care, reproductive care, vaccination, surgery and end of life care for pets. This animal hospital for reproductive care in Knoxville provides acclaimed reproductive services from pre-breeding infectious disease testing to artificial insemination.

Dr. Leslie Brown, a representative from this animal hospital for insemination in Knoxville stated, “Artificial insemination is a procedure that includes the collection of semen, vaginal cytology, evaluation of sperm morphology and motility, and in vitro fertilization. We guarantee to do our best to minimize potential risks of infection and complications. Our goal is to protect the health of your pets, ensure quality breeding protocols, and provide complete maternal care.”

About Fannon
Fannon is a small animal hospital in Knoxville and is considered to be the best animal hospital in Knoxville for over forty years. Its focus is to provide the latest veterinary care for animals. They have all the required medical facilities and experienced staff to cater to the broad health issues among pets. The hospital is very professional yet provides every client with a personal touch. This hospital gives special treatment to all animals and their owners by devoting all necessary time, understanding, and love during the treatment period.

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