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FanPage Cashflow Review - SCAM Exposed


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Fanpage Cashflow” is an application launched by Matthew Neer and Jamie Lewis that lets people earn money through fanpages. Yes, through fanpages. Now who would’ve thought if someone can earn by making a page on Facebook and pay absolutely no price for making that page? A very little amount of people. Well, their dreams have come true as these two masterminds have developed a software that allows people to fill their bank accounts with yummy numbers just by making fanpages on a social networking site, Facebook. It has over one billion members registered which is about one-seventh of the total population of the world. So to predict that something will fail, on a social networking site with such a huge amount of people, is something very foolish.

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Another reason why this works is that these fanpages have some definite advantages over regular websites. These pages can be found on the Google and on any search engine as well as on Facebook itself. This creates more awareness among people about that page and simple accessibility. People these days are lazy. They don’t want to type all those long URLs in their browsers, instead they simple Google that thing or search about it on Facebook.

The second advantage is that a person can make and have as many Facebook fanpages as he wants whereas one person can’t own too many websites for obvious reasons. Websites require a lot of hard work with tens of thousands of lines of cryptic codes for the site to function and only a trained professional can make a website. Fanpage is something that can be created by anyone who owns an account on Facebook and that’s it. That’s all it requires. One account is not bound to create one page only but as many fanpages as the owner likes.

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Matthew and Jamie have earned thousands of dollars by making fanpages on Facebook and now they have decided to share their secret ingredient that makes this program so successful and all others bogus. It lets people advertise on pages and earn money through the products. But this only works if a person has a good Facebook fanpage.

Fanpage Cashflow tells everything about what makes a page successful and popular among people and how to promote a page. The formula requires very easy copy and paste mechanism which a 7 year old can do easily today. Now the question is, who else here is smarter than a 7 year old? The program also tells people about which ads will work and which will not. Posting a useless ad on a successful fanpage will ruin put the entire reputation of that page in jeopardy so people need to play it nice and easy as well as smart.

FanPage Cashflow share experiences of Matthew and Jamie which will definitely help in setting up a career online in Facebook fanpages. No wonder this amazing software has higher ratings that all the programs that provide courses for Facebook.